On Knitting and Reading

Two of my favorite pastimes are reading and knitting. Reading is my breathing in. I feast on theology and spiritual memoirs as I wrestle out my faith. I am swept to another time and place as I sit down with a great work of classic literature or historical fiction. My creativity is awakened and unpacked as I read beautiful words of poetry and prose. Reading is food for my mind and soul. Knitting is my breathing out. My fingers busy creating beauty as my mind wanders from this to … [Read more...]

The Practice of Creativity

I will never forget the moment when Buddy and I were painting side by side, and he looked over at me with the biggest smile on his face, hugged my arm, and told me he loved me. He tells me he loves me often, but there was just something special about that moment. Something about the way he looked at me. It has happened again several times since then, usually when he and I are doing something creative together. Like this overwhelming feeling of pure joy and contentment hits him, and he can think … [Read more...]

Why I Want To Raise Creative Children

To me, creativity is bigger than being crafty. It is bigger than having some type of artistic ability. Creativity is a mindset. When a creative person looks at something, he doesn't just see what is in front of him. He sees the possibilities of what it could be and how it could be used. When someone tells a creative person that something is impossible, she will figure out a way to make it happen. When a creative person doesn't have the money or exact items necessary, he will use what … [Read more...]

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