Kate’s County Fair 1st Birthday Party

With Kate having a late fall birthday, I wanted to incorporate the season and it’s beautiful colors into her party. After a quick search on Pinterest, I knew a county fair themed party would be the perfect way to celebrate Kate’s first birthday, especially when I realized my vintage red & white baby dress was sized 12 months and would make an adorable party dress for our little sweetie pie!

County Fair Invites

County Fair Party Outside

County Fair Party Front Door

County Fair Party Entry Chalkboard

County Fair Birthday Party Entry Table

County Fair Party Birthday Book

County Fair Party Kitchen Chalkboard

County Fair Party Food Table

County Fair Party Cake

County Fair Party Flowers and Cupcakes

County Fair Party Pecan Tarts

County Fair Party Drinks

County Fair Party Apple Bites

County Fair Party Corndog Bites

County Fair Party Apple Pie

County Fair Party Favors and Apples

County Fair Party Favors


Before the party officially began I tried to snap a picture of my three. They weren’t really interested in taking pictures, but they were cute nonetheless.

County Fair Party Wagon

County Fair Party Wagon Shot 2

Kate in the wagon

After everyone arrived and enjoyed some county fair food and hot apple cider, we moved on to presents and cake. I love this picture of Kate sitting in her highchair waiting to open her presents.

County Fair Party High Chair

She received so many great gifts, beautiful clothes and cute little girly toys. Her Nana gave her an adorable backpack and her Grams gave her a Cabbage Patch Doll will hazel eyes that looks just like her. We gave her this little doll stroller and the Little Mommy Golden Book.

County Fair Party Back Pack

County Fair Party Doll Stroller Gift

County Fair Party Kate and Doll Stroller

My favorite memory of her party had to be when we presented Kate with her first birthday cake.

{1} “Why is everyone looking at me and singing this song?”

{2) “I’m not going to touch the cake so Mommy will have to give me a taste.”

{3} “A small taste was all I needed. I’m done.”

{4} “Please get me out of this highchair so I can get back to playing with my new toys.”

Kate first birthday cake

After the presents and the cake, Phillip took the bigger kids on a hayride around the backyard. It was the perfect way to end the day.

County Fair Party Kubota Ride

Party Details and Credits:

Photos taken by my friends Ashley and Vicki

Invitations ordered from Dimple Prints

Food tags and other printables designed by my husband Phillip

Rosettes handmade by my mom

Pies homemade by my mother-in-law

Cake homemade by my friend Lessie

The cardboard 1’s on the entry table and the dining room table (that one not pictured) were crafted by Jack and Aidan

I made the boys’ bowties following this tutorial and the rest of the party decor was either found around my house, borrowed from my friend Kendra, or handmade by me.

County Fair Party Kate in Wagon

It was such a lovely day and we had so much fun celebrating our sweet little Kate!


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