Why Hello There!

So it's been almost a month since my last blog post. It's funny, because if you look back through my archives, you will notice that I always seem to disappear around this time of year because our summer schedule is pretty crazy. But I just wanted to say hi, and give a little update of what we have been up to. Phillip went on a 10-day mission trip to Jamaica a few weeks ago. It was the longest he has ever been away from me and the boys, and we sure were happy to have him back. We picked him … [Read more...]


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Boys and Girls

You may remember that last summer, I always had pictures of Buddy playing with his cousins. Sadly, they moved away last fall and we do not get to see them often. We were so excited when they came to visit us last month. The little friendships picked right up where they left off.      They played and played and played. We did a little art project together painting watercolor postcards.       We also made a fun dinner called Cowboy Stew. It's an old camp favorite. Each person takes a … [Read more...]

Butterfly Birthday Bash

 I'd like to take a small break from all these serious posts, and share with you some lovely pictures from my nieces birthday party this past weekend. (Taken with my new birthday gift from the hubby - a Canon Rebel XS!)Butterfly Cupcakes The Little One enjoying her gluten-free version...Sharing smiles with friends...Their gifts from their Aunt Sissy (that would be me)...I-Spy backpacks that I made and filled with some little trinkets and treasures.Another gift from me and their Mommy - … [Read more...]

Pears and Laundry

I have had a really busy week and haven't been able to blog much, so I thought I'd share some highlights of our week... Our pear tree is full of ripe pears ready to be picked and made into yummy preserves! Little Man had his first taste of food other than Mama's milk... Buddy had fun pretending to hang laundry like Mama. He's even wearing a little apron to hold his clothespins... The little cousins relaxed on the sun porch... We scored an amazing deal on this table and chairs (4 … [Read more...]