Our Homeschooling Plans for 2015-2016

Hello friends! We are planning to start school on Monday and since my mind is occupied with all things homeschooling at the moment, I thought I would share a bit about our plans for the upcoming school year.

Jack is seven and will be starting 2nd grade. Aidan is 5 and will be starting Kindergarten. Kate is 21 months and will be destroying the school room while we work. Haha. But seriously.

Last year we began using the Ambleside Online Curriculum, which isn’t really a curriculum nor is it online schooling, so I guess the name can be a bit confusing. AO is basically a collection of booklists and schedules for Charlotte Mason style homeschoolers. Charlotte Mason’s philosophy of education lines up so perfectly with my own beliefs and values as a parent and educator, and the AO Curriculum has been an excellent (and did I mention FREE!) resource for me as a CM homeschooler. For those of you unfamiliar with Charlotte Mason and her philosophy of education, you can read a brief intro here.

To me, a CM education could best be explained by the mental picture of an educator preparing a great feast of living ideas and concepts, a buffet of goodness, truth, and beauty to nourish the children’s hearts, minds, and souls and then giving them free time to work out these ideas in a richly resourced environment. In more practical terms, it looks like learning from the very best books that will capture their hearts and imaginations while also teaching the truths of history, science, and morality and then giving them plenty of time to play and explore and create both outdoors and in an environment where they have access to more great books, quality art supplies, and open-ended toys.

I love homeschooling because it gives me so much extra time with my children and more time means greater influence over them and more opportunities to shape their character, teach them about their identity in Christ and His Kingdom purposes, and help them uncover their unique gifts and talents. But while I love homeschooling, it isn’t always easy and I definitely have my share of bad days. Us homeschooling moms rarely get a break from our children, and that can be a little overwhelming at times. Sometimes I fantasize about sending my kids to school and think about what I would do with all my free time. I would drink lots of coffee, read great books, and craft the hours away. But as I fantasize, I quickly realize that I would rather do those things with my children than without. I would rather learn and create together, and although that reality is a lot messier and noisier, I wouldn’t trade it for anything. Raising my children is both my career and my ministry. There isn’t a paycheck, but the eternal benefits are great.

So anyway, about those plans. Other than the challenges of homeschooling with a toddler, last year was a really good year, so I am only making a few small adjustments in my plans for this upcoming year. The main thing I want to improve is our schedule. I am kind of a free-spirited homeschooler and although there was a rhythm and order to our days last year, we often started late and carried lessons over into the afternoon. We would usually spend way too much time on Language Arts and Memory Work, and not enough time on Art and Nature Study. My goal this year is to aim for an earlier start time and use a timer to keep our lessons short, so that one subject doesn’t throw off our entire day.

I have been carefully crafting a schedule that looks very similar to our natural rhythms of last year, but also brings into consideration the length of time Charlotte Mason suggested to spend on each subject. I found this series on Preparing a Charlotte Mason schedule to be very helpful.

So here is the schedule I have come up with.

6:30am I will get up to have my quiet time and exercise. If the boys wake up during this time, they will be allowed to play quietly in their room. If Kate wakes up, she will hang out with Phillip while he gets ready for work.

8:30am I will head downstairs to start laundry and make breakfast while the boys work on their morning routine. (Get dressed, make beds, brush teeth, etc.) I will also try to check my email, go over my daily planner, and write out my to do list for the day.

9:00am We will eat breakfast and then sing a hymn and have family prayer time. Afterwards, I will clean up the kitchen while the boys do their morning chore. (They have one chore for each day of the week that they work on together as a team.)

10:00am We will begin school for the day. At this time, I am going to stop looking at the clock because I don’t want to be stressed out about getting off schedule. Instead, I will just use a timer to make sure we don’t spend too much time on one subject.

Circle Time (10 min) We will gather in the school room for circle time where we will sing folk songs and nursery rhymes (for Kate), read poetry, do an artist or composer study, and read a picture book or two. We won’t do all of these everyday, but loop them throughout the week. For poetry this year, we will be reading poetry selections from the Ambleside Online Year 2 Plan covering Walter De La Mare, Eugene Field, James Whitcombe Riley and Christina Rossetti. For our artist study, we will choose an artist each month to study by looking at and discussing their art. I will line these up to go along with the Deep Space Sparkle Master’s series, which will be using for afternoon art projects. For our composer study, we will continue working through this book. The boys LOVE to listen to the CD that goes along with this book and one of their favorite things to do during lunch is to play a game where I play snippets of the songs and they try to guess the composer.

Math (30 min) Jack will be using Math-U-See Gamma and also doing math drills using the XtraMath website. Aidan will be using the Math-U-See Primer and manipulatives.

Bible (20 min) Monday through Thursday we will alternate reading selections from the Old Testament and New Testament following the AO Year 2 Plan. On Fridays, we will do a devotion from My Brother’s Keeper: Learning to Love Your Siblings God’s Way.

Memory Work (10 min) We will work on memorizing passages of scripture, poetry selections from this book from the Institute for Excellence in Writing, Shakespeare passages from How to Teach Your Children Shakespeare, and the Gettysburg address using this book, as well as reviewing our memory work selections from the past two years.

Literature/History/Natural History (30 min) This is where we will do our bulk of reading from the AO Year 2 Plan with books such as A Child’s History of the World, Our Island Story, This Country of Ours, Leif the Lucky by D’Aulaire, Columbus by D’Aulaire, Trial & Triumph, The Little Duke, Tree in the Trail, Seabird, Tales from Shakespeare, Pilgrim’s Progress, and more.

Narration/Timeline (10 min) We will pick one person or event from the reading selections above to narrate via notebooking or using our timeline book.

Language Arts (30 min) Jack will be working on Reading, Spelling, and Grammar using Logic of English Foundations Book D and he will also do Copywork by writing out passages and selections that we are reading and/or memorizing. Aidan will be using the Logic of English Foundations Books A & B which cover Reading, Handwriting, and Spelling.

Foreign Language/Geography (10 min) We will alternate Spanish lessons using Duo Lingo or Oh Noah and USA Geography using this website.

During our school time, I have prepared a bunch of busy bag toddler activities and puzzles to keep Kate occupied. Many of these activities can be found here on my blog.

12:45pm Lunch and clean up. During lunch we will listen to classical music, read poetry, and also work on habit training using this book from Simply Charlotte Mason.

1:30pm I will put Kate down for a nap and read a book on my Kindle while she falls asleep. During this time, the boys will have quiet reading time in the den. Until Aidan can read independently, Jack will read aloud to Aidan.

2:00pm During Kate’s nap, we will work on the following subjects, doing one per day in a repeating pattern or loop. (Sarah McKenzie does a great job explaining looping here.)

Nature Study using this book and this website.
Art Lessons from Deep Space Sparkle
Drawing Lessons from Art Achieve or Creative Bug
Handicrafts (Knitting, Embroidery, etc.)

After this, our scheduled day is officially over. The boys will usually play outside and I will work on my to do list and hopefully be able to fit in some time for rest, which for me often looks like reading, journaling, or crafting before dinner prep begins. After dinner, we will usually take a walk, play board games, or we’ll go to church or extracurricular activities. We are pretty relaxed about bedtime, but when I put the boys to bed I will usually read aloud from a chapter book chosen from the AO Year 2 Plan free reading suggestions or the boys will listen to an audiobook.

So that is our plan. It looks a lot like last year, so I am pretty confident that it doable, but I am also realistic enough to know that our days will never look exactly like this. My children are people and their needs matter more to me than the clock or a booklist, so flexibility and grace will be key. This schedule will serve simply as a guide and a reference.

I have made some big changes to the school room that will hopefully help this homeschooling-with-a-toddler season go more smoothly than it did toward the end of last year. I will take you on a little tour of our updated space one of these days.

Are you a person who thrives on schedules and routines or do you prefer a more free spirited approach to your day? If you are a homeschooler and have blogged about your plans for this upcoming year, feel free to leave a link in the comments.



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  1. I loved your comment about Kate destroying the school room! 🙂 I always tell people that while I’m schooling my older 2 boys, I just try to keep the 3 year old from burning down the house! He’s always made homeschooling interesting! A family member had given us a bag of kidney beans and since we don’t typically eat them I decided to use them as math manipulatives. The 1st time I put them out, he started gobbling them down! He got 12 down before I realized what he was doing!

    • Amanda Medlin says:

      Shaunta, My oldest did great with small manipulatives, but I remember sitting my second son down with a dish tub full of colored rice and a scoop and he just started throwing the rice all over the room! Kate has a similar personality to my second so I am scared to try anything like that with her. Maybe I will get up the nerve one of these days.

  2. We are going through My Brother’s Keeper right now too!!! 🙂 Love to you.

    • Amanda Medlin says:

      It’s a great devotional! Hope this new season of lifeschooling is full of blessings for you and your sweet family!

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