December Goals


Wow, November went by fast! It was such a busy month for us with Kate’s birthday, my sister-in-law’s wedding, the unexpected stomach bug, and Thanksgiving. I am glad that this week is a semi-normal week for us with a little bit of margin because next week is a doozy. In balancing homeschooling and ministry and family life and personal goals and creative projects, it helps me to keep a simple list of intentions and goals for the upcoming month so that I can prioritize, use my time wisely, and keep my focus where it needs to be.

Before I jump into my goals for December, let’s look back quickly at my November goals.

  • Prepare for Kate’s birthday – Done and it was everything I hoped it would be! I blogged about it here.
  • Paint kitchen island – Move to December goals
  • Paint bench that goes with our breakfast table – I painted it coral and I love it! You can see it on my Instagram pic from earlier today.
  • Start taking online calligraphy course – I didn’t officially start that course, but I started some classes on Skillshare and have purchased both calligraphy and hand lettering supplies.
  • Make Advent ornaments – Printed, stamped, and hung last night!
  • Order Christmas cards – Need to do that this week!
  • Start working on 2014 phonebook – Yeah right!
  • Finish knitting Kate’s leg warmers – Working on the cuff of the second one and should be finished in a day or two. It’s a lot harder to find time to sit and knit with a busy one year old toddling all over the place.
  • Reading (this list) – I don’t know what the deal is, but I have been lacking the motivation to read lately. I don’t know if it’s the books I am currently reading or what. I did make a little progress in several of my books, but I am nowhere near finished with any of them.
  • With the boys…
    • Pack shoeboxes for Operation Christmas Child
    • Start reading aloud Farmer Boy (Little House) by Laura Ingalls Wilder – Can’t seem to get into it.
    • Finish reading aloud George Washington and start Pocahontas (both by D’Aulaire) and do some type of creative project with each
    • Finish Enjoying Art with Children and continue working through Drawing With Children by Mona Brooks – Worked on both of these but not much.
    • Add some passages from Shakespeare to our memory work using How to Teach Your Children Shakespeare as a guide
    • Do some fall/Thanksgiving themed crafting: Pumpkin pompoms, textured pumpkin art, weaving craft, gratitude project, Thanksgiving place settings, make a rainstick and/or dreamcatcher (to go with our reading of Pocahontas??) ~ Check out my Pinterest feed in my sidebar to see some of the ideas I have been pinning. – Stomach bug interrupted these plans. Oh well, there is always next year!
  • Practice of Intention – I wanted to be more intentional about being distraction free when I am with the kids, and I do feel like I did well in this area, but still have a lot room for improvement.

Okay, now on to those December Goals…

  • Finish decorating for Christmas this week – Decorate tree, write on chalkboards, decorate front porch, make pom-pom garland and a garage door snowman with the boys.
  • Paint kitchen island and dining room mirror
  • Order Christmas cards
  • Update Kate’s baby book from the last month
  • Edit and upload November photos
  • Send thank you cards from Kate’s party
  • Clean and rearrange boys room and sort through toys to donate before Christmas
  • Make a well-thought out Christmas list for the kids because I want the gifts they receive to be toys that will enhance their creative indoor and outdoor play as well as add to timeless family collections like board games and puzzles and books.
  • Make Kate a few handmade gifts like dyed playsilks and a Montessori apron
  • Reevaluate big picture homeschooling goals and make planning adjustments for 2015
  • Have a big personal 2015 planning sesh when my Powersheets arrive!
  • Continue working on reading my books from my November goals AFTER I read Me Before You which I requested at my library months ago and was number 86 in line. I was finally able to get it yesterday and can’t wait to start!
  • With the boys…I plan on a relaxed homeschool month focusing on math and reading, light memory work, and read-alouds. We’ll also do some creative Christmas projects, like making pom-pom garland for the mantle and goodies for the neighbors and maybe a few handmade gifts, and we have some local outings and family traditions planned as well.

Practices of Intention

I really want to be intentional about having FUN this month. I like to work and stay busy and I love my projects and my lists, but I want to make sure that I not only create fun environments and memories for the kids, but that I join them in the magic and celebration of this wonderful season.

So here’s to lots of cozy fires and mugs of hot chocolate, Christmas music and twinkling lights, Advent readings and keeping our focus on those we love and why we celebrate.

Hope your December is filled with intention and grace.





I am linking up today with Haley’s Goals with Grace over at The Tiny Twig!

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  1. love you.

  2. Amanda, I love your goals. And I love those art books. I have to look into those. I homeschool my daughter too and am always looking for some art ideas.

  3. love this! Thanks for your realism. 🙂 Love you!

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