With Faith Like a Child

We sit on the blanket in the warm September sunshine sharing what we are thankful for and what we would like to pray about. This circle time that we do has quickly become our favorite part of learning at home.

Stacked next to me are Bible storybooks and Scripture songs to help me teach them about God and His ways. They listen with eyes of wonder, pray sweet prayers thanking God for trees and butterflies, and ask Him to help the flowers grow again.

Emma tells me that God doesn’t talk to her, and I explain how we don’t always hear God audibly, but that sometimes He speaks to us through the Holy Spirit using our inner voice, and that we have to quiet our souls and listen carefully.

Jack and Abby each look at me and tell me that God does in fact talk to them. That they hear Him. They each say it with such confidence and simplicity. No explanation necessary.

Then Jack lays back on the blanket with his hands behind his head, closes his eyes and smiles, as if He is listening to the Father speak to Him at that very moment.

With faith like a child…

I play Michael W. Smith’s beautiful song The Lord’s Prayer and my nieces each close their eyes, smile, and begin to lift their hands out to their sides. These girls have never been in a worship service that I know of, but yet they instinctively worship.

With faith like a child…

And all of a sudden our old quilt laying out in the soft green grass becomes a sanctuary and these four little people become my church, my community, my brothers and sisters in Christ.




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  1. …and time stands still. I love how we can experience deep communion with God and profound community with our children all at the same time.

    I’m thinking we might need to give blanket school a whirl now that our weather is starting to cool down just a smidge.

    • Amanda Medlin says:

      Heather, Blanket school is the best! I think that Autumn is my favorite season to homeschool. Gorgeous weather, so many great crafts to do, and field trips to take.

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