The Gardener {Phillip Writes}

We are back home from our trip and have enjoyed a beautiful Easter day with family and friends. When I was in Ohio talking to Phillip over the phone, he read me a poem he had written. I asked him if he would mind if I posted it here on the blog, because it seemed so fitting to share with you today.

Soil #2

On the pages of my heart is written a story of encouragement, benevolence, and unconditional love. 
The gardener who was walking through the graveyard of death and decay spoke so softly to me that I knew that life had just entered this dark place. 
A place where just moments before I had felt shame, worry, and disgrace…now he whispers to me that it is He and He is alive. 
This life brings light to my dark existence. 
Who can I share this light with? It is too much for me to contain. 
Can I? 
Will I? 
Should I? 
Try and attempt to share this great love with everyone? 
What if it runs out? 
What if the light is not enough for more than just me? 
If I keep it hidden, is the light made for anything except to just expose my own situation? 
I will share…spread…no, saturate this land with the light that was brought into my dark, dead, reality. 
Life and love given without condition or financial retribution to cover the debt of my past.
Benevolence showered on me to meet my needs in ways that I didn’t expect and surely didn’t deserve. 
Encouragement to run this race and not be weary, to walk in the heat and not faint. 
To go on further and faster saturating the dark places with this light. 
For time is short. 
Many days have passed since the gardener changed my life. 
Sooner than later, he will return to bring me into his glorious kingdom, but for now I remain here to plow…to plant…to water…praying for his sweet increase. 
Heaven is my home, but I will not go alone.
May we be ever mindful of the reason we celebrate today. Happy Easter!


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  1. Nancy Lou says:

    Absolutely love this!!

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