March Sensory Bin and Playdough

Yesterday we made green glitter playdough for March. We used this recipe and simply added green food coloring and glitter.


For our sensory bin, I didn’t have to buy anything. I just went around the playroom, through the activity closet and art cabinet to find green objects that I thought would be fun to touch and add to the play dough. I added some different types of objects this month like popsicle sticks, cars, and dinosaurs.

The boys played with it forever yesterday and it captured their attention again today for a good amount of  time. Jean over at Artful Parent recently posted 39 Ways to Play and Learn with Playdough. You should check it out!

I was thumbing through one of my favorite educational books, Playful Learning, and in the math section, she talks about graphing with children.

“Children love to collect data. Introducing your child to the skill of creating and reading graphs offers him a wonderful way to organize and make sense of the information he gathers. Graphing common objects is a great way for children to learn mathematical concepts such as creating and interpreting graphs, making predictions, and drawing conclusions. As you discuss your child’s discoveries with him, you can also introduce him to valuable mathematical vocabulary such as greater than, less than, least, most, and fewer.”

So I made a simple table graph in Microsoft Word, and Buddy and I worked for a few moments on graphing and counting various objects in the sensory bin.

I love the idea of introducing “greater than, less than, least, most, and fewer” in a natural conversational way as we continue to do this together.

And I love to watch Buddy’s little hands at work as he creates. One of my favorite things he says to me right now is…”Mom, an idea just flew into my head!’ And then he goes off to tinkering to make whatever it is he’s thinking about.

I chose green as our color this month obviously because of St. Patrick’s Day. This year, I want to go beyond just celebrating St. Patrick’s Day with wearing green and doing a craft. I recently listened to two sermon podcasts by Chris Seay of Ecclessia Church on “The Celtic Way of Evangelism”, where he talks about St. Patrick and how the Celtic Christians were known for their hospitality. I plan to listen to them again, and plan out a way to teach the boys about St. Patrick and the Celtic Christians, and then put that same hospitality into practice by inviting someone over for dinner. Maybe I will even cook up an Irish-themed meal like Christina over at The Andrews Update. Hmmm….

If you have any creative ways that you celebrate St. Patrick’s Day, please share in the comments!



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