His Batman Beard

Yesterday was Buddy’s 4th birthday. Since we already had his Fireman Party, we just had a simple but fun day together as a family.

The night before, after the boys had went to bed, I decorated our dining area and made Buddy a felt birthday crown.

When he woke up, he put on his crown and begged to open his presents, so we let him do that first.

I tried to get a cute picture of him in his crown, and then realized the balloon string was in the way.

Here’s what I got when I asked him to smile for another one. Ah, the challenge of photographing children.

We gave him a few simple gifts, one of which was a Batman makeup and tattoo kit. He has been asking for costume makeup for a while. When I saw this in the Party City clearance bin, I knew he would love it.

The first thing he wanted to do was draw a beard on his face. He is convinced that Batman has a beard.

After that, he gave Little Man a beard too.

Then they continued to decorate their faces and bodies…

After having fun with all the Batman makeup and tattoos (they even gave me a few), we had some cinnamon rolls.

Later in the day, we headed out to the Children’s Museum and to Centennial Park in Atlanta. I didn’t take my big camera, planning to take pictures with Phillip’s iPhone, but of course didn’t take as many as I would have liked. I did get one of me and the birthday boy though!

Hope you are having a great week!



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  1. I read all three of them in less then a day combined time. They are such easy reads. I think that is being they are made for the teen group. Either way I’m seeing the movie tonight at Midnight and can’t wait.

    By the way I really enjoy reading all your blogs.

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