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Indoor Sand and Water Play

When we went to the Children's Museum last month, two areas that the boys really enjoyed were the fishing/water area and the moon sand table, so I thought I would try to recreate those environments at home. We are blessed with a huge sunporch off the back of the house, so that was the perfect location for this messy activity area. I purchased two 41qt Storage Totes, one for "sand" and one for water. (They were a little pricy at $11.99 each, but I knew we could clean them up and use them for … [Read more...]

DIY Reusable Produce Bags

I try my best to bring my resuable shopping totes with me when I go to the grocery store, but it always feels a bit strange to put my plastic covered produce into my "green" shopping tote. Kind of like the one cancels out the other. So I have had it on my list for a while to make some reusable produce bags, and I finally got around to it.I used these gauzy, tulle-like curtains that I purchased specifically for this project a while back from IKEA for $4.99. I'm sure you could also find something … [Read more...]

His Batman Beard

Yesterday was Buddy's 4th birthday. Since we already had his Fireman Party, we just had a simple but fun day together as a family. The night before, after the boys had went to bed, I decorated our dining area and made Buddy a felt birthday crown. When he woke up, he put on his crown and begged to open his presents, so we let him do that first. I tried to get a cute picture of him in his crown, and then realized the balloon string was in the way. Here's what I got when I asked him to … [Read more...]


My little Buddy is four today. I know I am supposed to say that I can't believe he is four already, but I can. He acts like he is four and it feels like he's been with us forever. As hard as it is for a mama to watch her baby grow up so big that she can hardly hold him (oh but I still do), I LOVE this stage of life with him! He is so incredibly creative.  "Mom, an idea just flew into my head!" He loves to dress himself. I would say his style is eclectic. :) His preferred home … [Read more...]

Being Intentional About St. Patrick’s Day

I grew up not thinking much about St. Patrick's Day, other than it being a day that you wore green to school so that you wouldn't get pinched. When I got older, I observed that it was a day that people got drunk on green beer. And that sadly pretty much sums up my knowledge of St. Patrick up until this year. I have mentioned a time or two that I enjoy listening to podcasts by Pastor Chris Seay of Ecclessia Church. A few months ago I listened to a sermon he did last year about the Celtic Way … [Read more...]

What Inspires Me As a Homemaker

I find inspiration for my home in the very words of Jesus, when He said..."Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest."   Matthew 11:28I have this scripture taped to the kitchen window over my sink, so I will be reminded daily of my mission as a homemaker. I long for my home to be a place of rest. A place of peace. A place where my children and my husband, my family and my friends will feel nurtured. ...continue reading at The Andrews … [Read more...]

Clean Enough

My house is clean enough. I wouldn't boast that you could eat off my floors and you might see the occasional dust bunny peeking out from under the sofa, but it is pretty organized and clutter free. I always enjoy reading "behind the scenes" or "day in the life of" posts of other moms, so I thought I would share my cleaning routine with you. Daily: I try to do at least one load of laundry each day. That way it doesn't pile up too bad. Also, I hang most of my clothes up to dry on indoor … [Read more...]

March Sensory Bin and Playdough

Yesterday we made green glitter playdough for March. We used this recipe and simply added green food coloring and glitter. For our sensory bin, I didn't have to buy anything. I just went around the playroom, through the activity closet and art cabinet to find green objects that I thought would be fun to touch and add to the play dough. I added some different types of objects this month like popsicle sticks, cars, and dinosaurs. The boys played with it forever yesterday and it captured … [Read more...]

Of whom I am the worst…

"Here is a trustworthy saying that deserves full acceptance: Christ Jesus came into the world to save sinners - of whom I am the worst." 1 Timothy 1:15 Really Paul? You are the worst sinner? I kind of have a hard time believing that seeing as how God used you to write most of the New Testament. Maybe you are just trying to make yourself more relate-able to your readers... I think this is how I have felt most of my life whenever coming across this passage of scripture. Maybe not directly, … [Read more...]

Fireman Birthday Party {Part 2}

After having lunch, cake, and opening presents at our house (see Part 1), we all headed to the local fire station for a tour. I don't know if every city does this, but our local fire stations give free educational tours, complete with hats and goodies at the end. You simply just call and make a reservation.When we arrived at the fire station, the firemen first showed us the fire trucks.They even allowed the kids to walk through the main cab area. They loved this part!After we looked at the … [Read more...]

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