Summer Blues

Summer blues??? I know, crazy, right? Most people get the winter blues. Well, it happens to me in the summer. 
For the last couple of years, our summer schedule has been NUTS! 
Two weeks of youth camp, one week of mission camp in Virginia, a few days of having family in town, a week of Children’s Revival, and a week in Ohio visiting family.  
Our brief moments at home were filled with a lot of laundry!
I’ve learned a couple of things about myself.
1) I am a homebody. I would have never thought I would call myself one, because I have always liked to keep busy and be on the go. But I guess getting older, having children, and living in a house I love, have all turned me into one. And I really missed being home this summer.
2) I thrive on rhythm and routine. Also, something I would have never thought. A younger me would have found staying at home and doing the same thing over and over, day in and day out, to be very boring. But now, I LOVE the simple rhythm of our family and our home. And I really missed that this summer. 
3) I am one of those people who leave the house a mess when traveling. My sink looked like this more than once as I walked out the door with my suitcase. GASP!
Don’t get me wrong, I had a fun summer. I enjoyed our trips and activities (some more than others). I just kind of lost myself in all the busyness. So that explains my long and unexpected absence from this space. I just had the bloggy blahs along with everything else. 
But now our traveling is over and we have been home for a week. We have re-found our rhythm and are happily back on track. 
I do have lots of great pictures to share from our summer trips and activities, and I will do my best to post those over the next week or so. 
It’s good to be back!


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