We Survived Summer Camp!

My husband is a youth pastor and part of his job includes him working at our denomination’s state youth camp for 2 weeks every summer. Last year, having a 4 month old and 2 year old, I chose to stay home. But I hated being away from Phillip and was pretty miserable being home alone. So this year, I weighed the pros against the cons of going versus staying home, and camp won out. And I’m glad we went because we had a great time! 
I knew Phillip would be extremely busy while we were there, and that I would be on my own a lot. I also knew that the campground is not super kid-friendly, and that I would need to be creative with our time. Keeping those things in mind, I knew I would need to guard my attitude to avoid becoming frustrated and grumpy. Before we went, I chose a few things to focus on while we were there so that I could maintain a positive attitude and perspective. 
  • No cooking, cleaning or laundry meant more time to focus on the boys.
  • Small room + minimal packing = Less choices, simpler lifestyle
  • Zero expectations of Phillip…that way, any help he was able to offer was great. This worked out much better than me having high expectations of him and then getting frustrated when he was busy with camp stuff.
  • Swimming and slushies everyday!
I thought I would share some of my photos from our camp experience. Even though I took my nice camera, I never once got it out. So all of the photos were taken with my iPhone using the Instagram app
This Sport Buggy from Step 2 was Little Man’s preferred method of transportation around the campground. He liked to wave and say “hi” to everyone we passed.
Not many people can make Little Man laugh, but this sweet camper David, made him crack up!
Here is Little Man showing off his great tan. We are still not sure how he got an olive complexion, but he is as brown as can be.
Buddy wouldn’t really let me take his picture much. 
I wish that I had thought to take one of him while he was in the pool. He was definitely the ladies man with the high school girls. At any given time, he had about 5 girls playing with him and catching him when he jumped off the side. 
After Week 1, we came home for about 48 hours to do laundry and celebrate Father’s Day. Buddy picked out a Superman shirt for his Daddy and all the of them wore their Superman shirts on Sunday. 
After church and lunch, we went to see Kung Fu Panda 2. Then it was back to camp!
We bought some sand toys and played in the sand at the volleyball courts.
Little Man fell and got his first black eye. He’s my rough and tough boy.
Phillip bought Buddy a cool new hat…
Of course, Little man had to try it on too!
Buddy made friends with a couple of boys his age who were also at camp with their parents. Since he stays home with me all of the time, it is so nice to see him make friends easily and play well with others. I have no worries about him in regards to socialization. By the end of camp, I think every worker and camper knew who he was. 
513 517
Little Man also made a “friend”. He is usually my introverted one, but he really came out of his shell at camp and has developed quite a little personality of his own!
Despite Buddy and I getting sick towards the end of the second week (he had a 24hr fever/sore throat, I developed a sinus infection after swimming), we had a great time! Now we are home and I have lots of unpacking and laundry to do. Thankfully, we have no plans for the weekend so I can take my time.
 My goals for keeping a good attitude at camp worked well. I think there was only one night where I got stressed and Phillip really came through for me. I feel like the boys and I really bonded while we were there. I know that sounds weird because we are together ALL of the time. Unfortunately, a lot of the time we are together, I find myself busy and distracted with housekeeping, church stuff or some type of project. I really want to work on my attitude at home and try to RELAX and ENJOY more.
I hope you have been having a relaxing summer so far!

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