Cloth Diapering 101: Dirty Diaper Storage

Now that I have explained the different types of cloth diapering options that are available, I am going to talk about the everyday practical side of cloth diapering. If there is a “good, bad and the ugly” side of cloth diapering, this would probably be the ugly. But it’s not that bad…I promise! Basically there are several options to choose from when storing your dirty diapers until wash day. I am going to tell you what I do, and then offer you some links to read up on methods other than mine.

Because Little Man is exclusively breastfed, his poo is very runny. Because of this, there is no need to rinse the diapers before putting them in the pail. I just put them directly in. The pail I use is actually a “recycling bin” type of container that I purchased at IKEA. You could really use any type of trash can. Because of the style of bin I use, there is no type of liner made, so I have to wipe out the pail whenever I wash the diapers. This is no big deal to me. I just grab a cleaning rag and spray a little homemade All-Purpose Cleaner and quickly wipe it out and then throw the rag in the wash with the diapers. If you use a trash can, you can purchase a washable liner that you could just throw in the wash to avoid having to wipe out the can. It’s all a matter of personal preference. When Little Man starts solids, I plan to purchase a diaper sprayer.

Here is a picture of my diaper pail full of diapers ready to be washed.

Another great option is a waterproof hanging bag. I have a large hanging bag that I use pretty much the same way that I do the pail. The great thing about the bag is that you can easily take it on trips or long day outings. It also works great for wet bathing suits in the summer! When you are ready to wash your diapers, you just unzip the bottom and shake them into the washing machine. Then toss the bag in to wash with them. Very simple!

When I am just going out for a few hours and only need to store one to two dirty diapers, I take this cute little bag in my purse or diaper bag.

I purchased it used, so I’m not sure where it originally came from. It is lined with waterproof “PUL”, so no leaks! My husband makes fun of me putting stinky diapers in such a pretty bag. I love it! Just like the large wet bag, I just toss this in the wash with the diapers.

Probably the biggest question I had and that you probably have is…”Doesn’t it stink up your house?” No, it doesn’t. Now if I go longer than I should to wash them, I can smell them a little. And of course, when you dump them in the wash you are going to get a whiff of stink, but you’ll get that anyway with a disposable diaper pail.

These methods have worked great for me, but there are other ways. Check out these links to learn more.
Diaper Jungle
Zany Zebra

Next up…washing cloth diapers! As always, if you have any questions, please leave a comment.



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