Snow Crafts and Activities

As I mentioned yesterday, we have been snowed in all week. It has given us a lot of free time, so we have been having fun making snow crafts. Last week, I purchased Buddy his first pair of scissors so that I can start teaching him how to cut paper. Our first cutting activity was making snow flakes out of coffee filters. I folded them in half three times, and let him cut small slits all the way around. Then I went back and turned his slits into triangles. Aside from almost cutting my finger … [Read more...]

I Break for Snow

I have taken an unexpected break from my blog for the past week for several reasons: A very sick baby who has needed his mama to give him extra love and snuggles. He had been running an extremely high temperature for several days but the fever finally broke on Sunday and now he has a body rash, making me think that he has had the Roseola virus. He is feeling better now but still wants me to hold him 24/7. Thank goodness for my Mei Tai or I couldn't get anything done! I have been trying to … [Read more...]