Little Red Riding Hood

I made Kate a Little Red Riding Hood cape for her Halloween costume. I followed this easy tutorial and lined it with a cute owl flannel to make it extra warm. I also thought the one in the tutorial looked a little plain from the back, so I added a ruffle to the bottom. I can't get enough of that sweet smile. Cheese! I had enough fabric left to make a matching little cape for her dolly, but not enough to add a ruffle. Sorry dolly. Jack hasn't been feeling well at all today, … [Read more...]

DIY Babywearing

For the past few weeks, my friend Gretchen has been hosting a great blog series called For the Love of Babywearing in honor of International Babywearing Week (which was October 4-10) and World Babywearing Awareness Month. I have been babywearing for over 7 years now and truly can’t imagine parenting without wearing my little ones. In my babywearing journey, I have tried just about every style of carrier available and have even made a few of my own. Join me over at Gretchen's … [Read more...]

Crafting for Baby

You all know that I love to knit, sew, and wield a hot glue gun. Well, when I found out that I was having a little girl, my hands got busy making all of the little pretties my time and budget would allow for. This past weekend, I finished up the last few small projects, so now I am ready to show you her mama-made stash! First up, are some sweet little dresses that I knit using this pattern. The purplish green dress on the left was knit from Madelinetosh DK in Cosmos, and the red dress on the … [Read more...]

DIY Carseat Canopy/Nursing Cover

Several cool, new baby things have come out since I had Aidan 3 1/2 years ago. One of those things is a carseat canopy, which is basically a blanket that drapes over the carseat, with attached velcro tabs that secure it to the handle. That way if the baby is sleeping or if you are carrying her in the carseat in the cold air or rain, you don't have to worry about the blanket sliding off. Great idea! I shopped around online, but decided I would rather make my own so that I could use fabric … [Read more...]

We Survived Another Summer Camp!

My husband is a youth minister and every summer, we work two weeks of church camp. This year, my husband was the camp director for the state, so we attended all four weeks of camp and I am happy to say that we not only survived...we had a GREAT time! The first week, we hosted the Boys and Girls Club Marching Band from Montego Bay, Jamaica. They were so much fun to hang out with and we were sad to say goodbye. Several of our friends who work camp have kids the same age as the boys, so … [Read more...]

DIY Reusable Produce Bags

I try my best to bring my resuable shopping totes with me when I go to the grocery store, but it always feels a bit strange to put my plastic covered produce into my "green" shopping tote. Kind of like the one cancels out the other. So I have had it on my list for a while to make some reusable produce bags, and I finally got around to it.I used these gauzy, tulle-like curtains that I purchased specifically for this project a while back from IKEA for $4.99. I'm sure you could also find something … [Read more...]

DIY Headboard & Bedskirt

Have I ever told you what a great husband I have? Not only does he help with the kids and the house, love to shop at thrift stores, and watch Grey's Anatomy with me...he is also a very thoughtful gift giver. Prior to Christmas, I told him that I really wanted to redecorate our Master Bedroom after the holidays. I say redecorate, but it has never really been decorated in the first place. Our Master Bedroom has always been the neglected space. Since we have been married, we have never purchased … [Read more...]

Fun at Whipstitch

Before the boys were born, Phillip and I lived in a tiny loft apartment in the West Midtown part of Atlanta, back when it was still "up and coming". It has finally "came" and now there are many cool shops and restaurants in that area. We were driving through a few months ago, and I just about caused Philip to wreck when I shrieked in excitement as we drove past a new fabric store called Whipstitch.    So last week, when my good friend Laura asked if I would like to accompany her to a … [Read more...]

DIY Storytime Apron

I'm not quite sure where I first heard of this, but I have been wanting to make a "storytime apron" for quite some time. For those of you not familiar with the concept, a "storytime apron" is an apron with a lot of pockets used to hide small items that go along with the story that you are telling. It's a fun way to make a story really come alive for your children. I knew that I wanted my apron to be fun and colorful. I was browsing the "as-is" textile bin at IKEA a few weeks ago, and came … [Read more...]

Knit Pincushion

Funny story about this actually started out as an Easter egg. I'm not really sure why I was knitting an Easter egg, but I was. Things were going really good until the end. I wasn't paying close enough attention and suddenly, my Easter egg had a tail. And I didn't really care enough to backtrack and try to fix it. So I stuffed it with some wool roving and tried to shape it. It looked nothing like an egg. I was playing around with the shape and mashed it flat. It looked … [Read more...]