I am her, she is me.

I started blogging over four years ago, right after Aidan was born. I was a young mom of 2 under 2, trying to find my own way as I followed my heart and my instincts in mothering and homemaking. My natural inclinations led me down the path of attachment parenting and natural living, so I blogged a lot about these sorts of things. I was also finding freedom in creativity, allowing myself to make lots of mistakes as I learned to knit and sew and try various DIY projects. And then I found myself a … [Read more...]

Circle of Influence

Whether you realize it or not, you are influenced everyday by things all around you. The music you listen to, the television shows that you watch, the books and blogs that you read, the people you hang out with. All of these voices contribute to the voice in your head and help shape your views. When you were a teenager, you probably heard a lot about avoiding the wrong crowds and not giving into peer pressure. If you attended church youth group or Sunday School, you probably heard a lesson or … [Read more...]

Know Yourself, Accept Yourself

As we leave the portion of this series focused on self-care, I would now like to spend the next few days talking about living with intentional and grace as it relates to personal growth. This past spring, I became good friends with Jen at our local home improvement store. Maybe not so much friends as I kind of stalked her. You see, this year I was bound and determined to have an amazing vegetable garden and she had the knowledge that I needed. I would march into the garden center armed … [Read more...]


Thirty found me fresh with grief, arms full with a new baby and an attached two year old, being passed the torch of a ministry with big shoes to fill and even bigger expectations of how much I could handle. It was a hard year. Thirty-one found me sandwiched between a family wedding and my women’s retreat directorial debut, a little overweight and a lot unhappy, searching for myself and unsure of a lot of things. It was a hard year. Today I turn thirty-two. And the winds are … [Read more...]

Settling In

Every time I walk into my hair salon, I am armed with no less than five pictures. I prop them up against the mirror and tell my stylist to work her magic. She will do her best to tame the curly mop on my head, and with a lot of work, I can usually make it resemble the pictures for a couple of weeks. Then I get lazy and it goes back to being what it always has been. Big, blonde, and curly. It’s just me. For as long as I can remember, I have wanted to be someone else. As a teenager and on … [Read more...]

What Exactly Does a Godly Woman Look Like?

For as long as I can remember, I have prayed "Lord, make me into the woman that you want me to be." And for as long as I can remember, I have tried to make myself into the woman that I thought the Lord wanted me to be. And for as long as I can remember, I have felt like a failure at being the woman that He wants me to be. And I have recently figured out why that is. This "godly woman" image that I had in my head, wasn't based on the the Word of God as much as it was based on the … [Read more...]