Goodbye, Hello {January 2013 edition}

January has been a fun and busy month! :: in the ministry :: We are settling in well at our new church and making lots of friends. Phillip and I have been working on redesigning our student center, and we turned the old game room into a cool coffee shop where I have had a lot of fun painting and thrifting and decorating. The boys love hanging out at the student center all day because the main room is a big as a gymnasium and it has concrete floors - the perfect place to ride trikes and … [Read more...]

Indoor Sand and Water Play

When we went to the Children's Museum last month, two areas that the boys really enjoyed were the fishing/water area and the moon sand table, so I thought I would try to recreate those environments at home. We are blessed with a huge sunporch off the back of the house, so that was the perfect location for this messy activity area. I purchased two 41qt Storage Totes, one for "sand" and one for water. (They were a little pricy at $11.99 each, but I knew we could clean them up and use them for … [Read more...]

March Sensory Bin and Playdough

Yesterday we made green glitter playdough for March. We used this recipe and simply added green food coloring and glitter. For our sensory bin, I didn't have to buy anything. I just went around the playroom, through the activity closet and art cabinet to find green objects that I thought would be fun to touch and add to the play dough. I added some different types of objects this month like popsicle sticks, cars, and dinosaurs. The boys played with it forever yesterday and it captured … [Read more...]

DIY Magnetic Felt Fishing Set

I love to make things for the boys that encourage creative play. I have been planning to make them a magnetic felt fishing set for a while now. I purchased the supplies well before Christmas, but was never able to get around to it. After my husband made them the cardboard pirate ship, I knew the fishing set would be the perfect accessory, so I decided to make it as their Valentine's Day gift from me.I used a wool blend felt that I purchased from this very sweet etsy seller. Acrylic craft felt … [Read more...]

Homemade Playdough Valentines

As you know, my One Word for 2012 is Be, as in Be a Friend. One of the ways I have tried to put this into practice is by starting a moms playgroup at our church. We meet once a month at my house, once at another mom's house, and also try to schedule in one monthly outing. It has been a great way for me to connect with other moms, and the boys are also getting an opportunity to play and connect with other kids their age. Today, we had a fun little Valentine's Day Party at our house. I served … [Read more...]

DIY Cardboard Pirate Ship

Buddy asked me several times last week to help him make a pirate ship. I remembered seeing this one on Pinterest, so I emailed a picture of it to my husband and asked if he would pick up a few cardboard boxes on his way home from work. These boys are so blessed to have a creative Daddy. As soon as he came home, he got right to work building their pirate ship. Buddy and I made an anchor from scrap cardboard, painted it yellow and added gold glitter. I tied on some jute rope and threaded … [Read more...]

February Sensory Bin and Playdough

When Buddy turned three, I started getting more serious about our learning activities. I'm the kind of person that throws myself into things 110%, so I kind of went over the top trying to fill up each day with tons of themed learning activities. I quickly fizzled and went the complete opposite direction, with each day being unplanned and random, which explains the absence of Learning at Home posts. Over the last year I have learned a lot about myself in regards to educating my children. I am … [Read more...]

Thanksgiving Playscape

With Buddy being three this Thanksgiving season, I have really been trying to help him understand the story of Thanksgiving. I was visiting Rhythm of the Home the other day and I saw this cute idea for a Thanksgiving inspired wooden playset. I already had some wooden peg dolls and acrylic paints on hand, so Buddy and I started our little project. Once we got started, the ideas just kept coming as we created the playscape. (I found the paper towel tube canoe idea at Crafty … [Read more...]

Summer Learning Activities

The few weeks we were at home this summer, we managed to squeeze in some learning activities.   Buddy loves to play with my label maker. He thinks it is his little computer. When he plays with it, I take it as an opportunity to work on numbers with him. Toy cell phones, the microwave buttons, elevator buttons and hotel room numbers when traveling, are all great and natural opportunities to talk about numbers.     Another fun activity we did was a color scavenger hunt. I laid different … [Read more...]

Learning About Birds

For the past three weeks, we have been using "birds" as our learning theme. This was a theme that I had really been looking forward to, but to be quite honest, I have been slacking in my enthusiasm in our learning activities lately. Blame it on the heat, blame it on busyness...I'm not sure what's up. But despite all of that, we have still been having fun. Circle TimeFingerplays and SongsI usually start our Circle Time with this little rhyme to get Buddy to sit on the floor...I can reach … [Read more...]