Praying For Our Children

Crafts, baking, read-alouds, play groups, homemade gifts, special celebrations, and all of the other things on our “be a better Mommy” to-do list, pale in comparison to the greatest thing that we can do for our children, and that is to pray for them. I believe there is power in prayer and that the prayers we pray over our children are monumental in shaping the course of their lives. “You’ll never be a perfect parent, but you can be a praying parent. Prayer is your highest privilege as a … [Read more...]

Cry Out

Motherhood is the role in which I am most passionate, and equally the one where I feel most inadequate. Every morning I resolve to be a better mother, and every night I rehearse the failures of my day. I love my boys more than I ever knew I had the capacity to love, and yet I fall short in my attempts to express that love as I struggle with selfishness, skewed priorities, and fail to see the sacred in the small and the beauty in the ordinary of my life. I never realized how much I needed … [Read more...]

Be the Woman that God Knows You to Be

A few weeks ago, my husband and I went on a little getaway to Asheville, NC. For those of you not from the south, Asheville is home to the Biltmore House, one of the largest estates in North America. It was built by George Vanderbilt, a very philanthropic man who also built homes, schools, and a beautiful church in the local village, and Phillip and I were able to take a tour of the beautiful All Souls Cathedral before we left for home. As we were exiting the sanctuary, I stopped to read a sign … [Read more...]


I, like so many others, came back from Allume full of excitement about moving forward with my ideas, my blog, and my ministry. But I also came back from Allume having received wisdom from those who have “been there and done that.” And a word that I can’t seem to get off my mind is ponder. I feel like the Lord is telling me to still my restless heart and ponder for just a moment. He knows that I have a fire burning inside of me, a passion to go after whatever it is that He has for me. He … [Read more...]

Praying Whatever

A few days ago, I talked about being intentional about going after our dreams and taking those first steps, however small they may seem. A few months ago, I sat down and listed some personal goals that I have for myself in the areas of writing, blogging, and ministry. One of my goals was to attend a blogging conference. When writing this goal down, I pictured checking it off the list a few years down the road. But here I am, typing these very words in a hotel room in Harrisburg, PA, awaiting the … [Read more...]

Soul Food

So far in writing about the art of self-care, I have mentioned the importance of both rest and nourishment. Today I am going to write about an even more important kind of rest and nourishment. Prayer. Rest for our souls and nourishment to our spirits. But before I get started, I need to tell you a few things. This is not going to be a blog post where you will hear about an early morning quiet time with a cup of tea, a Bible, and a prayer journal. I am not going to recommend … [Read more...]

Be Intentional

The big picture of your life and who you are is made up of millions of tiny snapshots of moments and decisions. If you do not like the picture you currently see, you have to start changing the types of snapshots you are adding each day, and slowly the bigger picture will begin to shift and change, taking on a new look and feel. For the next 31 days, I will be writing about cultivating a life of intention and grace. To form better habits and see real change and transformation in your life, you … [Read more...]

With Faith Like a Child

We sit on the blanket in the warm September sunshine sharing what we are thankful for and what we would like to pray about. This circle time that we do has quickly become our favorite part of learning at home. Stacked next to me are Bible storybooks and Scripture songs to help me teach them about God and His ways. They listen with eyes of wonder, pray sweet prayers thanking God for trees and butterflies, and ask Him to help the flowers grow again. Emma tells me that God doesn’t talk to … [Read more...]

Yes to the Little Things

There is a note card taped to my bathroom mirror that says the following... Say YES to the little things. Say YES to inconvenience so someone else might be blessed. Say YES to doing the unseen, the unnoticed, and the underappreciated. Say YES to overlooking faults and inconsiderate slights. Say YES to patient listening though there's much to do and more to say. "Whoever can be trusted with very little can also be trusted with much." Luke 16:10 My prayer this week is that we will … [Read more...]

Open Up My Eyes

Lately I have been listening to Hillsong United during my runs because most of their songs are high energy and upbeat. But there is this one song on my playlist that is quite the opposite. Every time it plays, tears sting my eyes and my lungs begin to burn, as the sidewalk becomes a place where my heart cries out to God. The song is called "Hosanna" and you can view the full lyrics here and listen to it here. This is the part that gets me... Heal my heart and make it clean Open up my eyes … [Read more...]