Backyard Fun

It is important to me for the boys to spend quality time outdoors each day. Since we have an average sized yard surrounded by neighbors on every side, there isn't much to explore. Last year was our first Summer in this house, and our backyard was pretty boring. So this year, I am trying to make our backyard as interesting as possible by adding fun areas that will hopefully lead to more creative outdoor play.    We have the new (to us) playset that Phillip's uncle gave us...     Our … [Read more...]

Doing Our Part

We are blessed to live in a neighborhood with several beautiful parks within walking distance. At least once a week, the boys and I load up the wagon and head down the street to play and explore. Like any young boy, Buddy loves to collect leaves and sticks. We always have a lot of fun.    The downside to these outings is always the amount of litter and trash that we see while we are exploring. It is very important to me to raise my children be responsible and clean up after themselves. … [Read more...]

Learning About Gardening

I originally intended to introduce a new learning theme each week with a corresponding blog post review at the end of the week. But it looks like we are falling into more of a two week cycle with our themes, so my blog post reviews about our leaning experiences will be every other week for now. The two week cycle is working well for me because it is easier for me on the planning side, and repetition is always great for little ones. Plus, I don't feel rushed to try to cram too many activities … [Read more...]

Learning About Easter

These past two weeks have been our official first weeks of doing preschool at home. Things do not really look that much different than before, except that I am loosely following a plan and theme and have introduced a daily circle time. Things have been going really well and Buddy has been having lots of fun, which is the most important thing to me. Here's a little glimpse at what we have been up to...   Circle Time   Fingerplays and Songs We have been doing some Easter songs and fingerplays … [Read more...]

Recycled Milk Carton Bird Feeders

Since our biodegradable bird feeders are no more, I thought it was time for another bird feeder project. I took some empty milk cartons and with a box cutter, I cut an square opening on two sides opposite of each other. Then it was time for the kids to decorate them with paint. Buddy's didn't take the paint very well, so I mixed some glue and water, and let him paint with that and then add torn pieces of tissue paper to decorate.I sat them in the sun for a quick dry, then used a hole punch to … [Read more...]

Homemade Bird Watchers

With all of our interest in birds lately, I thought it would be fun to make "Bird Watchers" a.k.a. binoculars. I save a lot of things out of the recycling bin for potential craft projects, so I had a bunch of toilet paper tubes. I keep my nieces on Wednesdays, so it was the perfect afternoon craft.First we painted the toilet paper tubes. (By the way, a cut open cereal box works great as a painting placemat!)After the paint dried (and while the kids were napping), I tied the two tubes together … [Read more...]

Our Fine Feathered Friends

I was out in the back yard the other day and found an old bird feeder up in a tree. I moved it over to a corner of the yard that Buddy loves to play in that is right next to the sun porch so we could see the birds through the windows. I put it on a yard flag stand so that it is at the right height for Buddy to pour the food in. The next day, I was on a Craigslist run picking up some canning supplies, and the seller was giving away a free bird bath. Score! I told Buddy to go tell the … [Read more...]