Arms Wide Open

Me and God have a history when it comes to houses. Newly married, my husband and I were building our dream home nine years ago. Mid-construction, God opened up the door for us to go into full-time ministry but that required us to give up the house. And we said, “Yes God.” After living with my parents, moving in and out of a roach infested apartment in a three week turnaround, and living in a cool, but tiny loft in the city, we finally purchased our first home. Certainly not my dream home, … [Read more...]

Why Hello There!

So it's been almost a month since my last blog post. It's funny, because if you look back through my archives, you will notice that I always seem to disappear around this time of year because our summer schedule is pretty crazy. But I just wanted to say hi, and give a little update of what we have been up to. Phillip went on a 10-day mission trip to Jamaica a few weeks ago. It was the longest he has ever been away from me and the boys, and we sure were happy to have him back. We picked him … [Read more...]