Cottage Garden Help!

First of all, thank you to those of you who have given me advice and ideas on how we can salvage the original pine flooring at Mint Green Gables. I will definitely come back to these ideas when we are ready to tackle the floors. Now I would like to ask for your opinion on the front door color and landscape ideas. Let me preface this by saying I love the color of the house and have no plans to make changes there, but I am thinking about painting the front door to give the front a nice pop of … [Read more...]

Garden Notes

I have been busy the last 2 weeks working in the backyard and garden. I don't know if you remember the raised bed vegetable garden we started last year or not, but you may have noticed that there was not much mention of it after that first post. Why? Because it was an epic fail. Let's just say that my thumb is a little more brown than green. But I am DETERMINED to master this, so I approached the garden with a lot more planning and intention this year.I started a little gardening journal, … [Read more...]

Backyard Fun

It is important to me for the boys to spend quality time outdoors each day. Since we have an average sized yard surrounded by neighbors on every side, there isn't much to explore. Last year was our first Summer in this house, and our backyard was pretty boring. So this year, I am trying to make our backyard as interesting as possible by adding fun areas that will hopefully lead to more creative outdoor play.    We have the new (to us) playset that Phillip's uncle gave us...     Our … [Read more...]

Our First Garden

This weekend, some good friends of ours helped us plant our first garden. First, the guys dug up the grass for our plot..While they did this, Little Man snacked on some Ritz Crackers around the garden box my husband built.When the plot was ready, they leveled the box and filled it up with soil and composted manure. Then we started planting. Laura showed Buddy how to plant "baby" seeds.I made temporary garden markers out of Home Depot paint sticks and a Sharpie until I can come up with … [Read more...]