Permission to Dream

A change is in the air. On my front door hangs the big letter M that my boys painted and glittered last year, the yellow flowers in my entryway have been replaced by a bouquet of sticks collected from our yard, and a pumpkin spice candle flickers¬†in my bathroom. Fall has arrived. I am busy packing away the sandals and shorts and swimsuits, hanging up sweaters and hoodies and still searching for that perfect fall shoe to replace my beloved Gizeh sandals I have worn all summer. A gentle … [Read more...]

Finding Balance

If there is one thing that most moms have in common, it has got to be the struggle to find balance between spending quality time with our children and getting everything done that we need to get done. Our children want a lot of our attention, and we must be intentional about giving them our time and focus to communicate a message to them that they are loved and important. But there is also the reality of the tasks that must be done in order to take care of our children, that also are … [Read more...]