Our Homeschooling Plans for 2013-2014

Yesterday was our official first day of homeschooling as Jack began his Kindergarten year! I am so thankful for the past three years that I have somewhat obsessed about early childhood education philosophies and tried many different styles of teaching to see what works best in our home. Because of that time of trial and error throughout Jack’s preschool years, I am beginning his Kindergarten year with confidence in my choices of curriculum and overall plans for our school year. As a … [Read more...]

We Survived Another Summer Camp!

My husband is a youth minister and every summer, we work two weeks of church camp. This year, my husband was the camp director for the state, so we attended all four weeks of camp and I am happy to say that we not only survived...we had a GREAT time! The first week, we hosted the Boys and Girls Club Marching Band from Montego Bay, Jamaica. They were so much fun to hang out with and we were sad to say goodbye. Several of our friends who work camp have kids the same age as the boys, so … [Read more...]

My “Eclectic” Preschool Plan

After a year of researching four different philosophies of early childhood education, I can only come to the conclusion that our style of home preschool education will have to be labeled "eclectic", because there are things that I like about all four methods. Therefore, I will do my best to combine all of my favorite elements into one plan that works for our family. If you are not familiar with the four methods that I am speaking of (Waldorf, Montessori, Charlotte Mason, and Reggio … [Read more...]