DIY Babywearing

For the past few weeks, my friend Gretchen has been hosting a great blog series called For the Love of Babywearing in honor of International Babywearing Week (which was October 4-10) and World Babywearing Awareness Month. I have been babywearing for over 7 years now and truly can’t imagine parenting without wearing my little ones. In my babywearing journey, I have tried just about every style of carrier available and have even made a few of my own. Join me over at Gretchen's … [Read more...]

DIY Mei Tai Baby Carrier

This past Summer, I purchased a woven wrap and was so excited to be able to wear Little Man on my back so that I could get some housework done. Although I loved the look and feel of the wrap, I didn't love putting it on. It took too long for me to get on and I didn't feel comfortable putting Little Man on my back by myself. So I began the search for a soft structured carrier. The two types of carriers that fall into this category are buckle carriers and Mei Tai's. I was able to try on both … [Read more...]

The Outdoor “Womb”

No, it's not a new HGTV show. It's my thoughts on babywearing. Attachment Parenting talks about continuing the womb experience for your baby after they are born to help them make a gentle transition into this busy world. Some of the ways you can do this are by breastfeeding, co-sleeping and babywearing. Wearing Little Man in a Ring Sling at 3 months... People joked with me that it was like I was still pregnant when I wore Little Man in the Ring Sling. Exactly! He's up … [Read more...]

It’s a wrap!

I finally was able to purchase my "dream wrap". When I had previously talked about babywearing, I said my "dream wrap" was a Neobulle Julie. But that was before I saw this beautiful wrap...the very hard to find Girasol Green Tea.  I didn't think I would ever find one, but I lucked out and was able to buy one used on The Baby Wearer. It is so beautiful and soft like a blanket! There are so many ways to wear a baby in a wrap, but I mainly purchased one so that I could wear Little Man on my … [Read more...]

Babywearing Safety

In light of the recent bad publicity that babywearing has received with the recall of the Infantino Sling due to 3 infant deaths, I thought I would share a few tip on babywearing safety. (Please note: The style of the Infantino Sling is entirely different than any baby carrier I have used or recommend. In my opinion, it was poorly designed and it is a good thing it was recalled. I would avoid any carriers created similarly.) Here are some important guidelines to remember when wearing an … [Read more...]

How It All Began

My first son was born in March of 2008. For blogging sake, I will call him Buddy. While I was pregnant, I began doing a lot of reading and online research about parenting. That's when I discovered Dr. Sears and Attachment Parenting. I read his book entitled "The Baby Book" from cover to cover. Although I agreed with his parenting philosophy, I wasn't quite sold on things such as babywearing and co-sleeping. The only thing I was certain of was breastfeeding. Thankfully, breastfeeding was very … [Read more...]