DIY TOMS Makeover

Last October, I purchased my first pair of TOMS and they quickly became my everyday shoe. When we were working on our house over the summer, I accidentally got white trim paint on the toes, and they have been sitting neglected on my closet shelf since. Now that fall has once again arrived, I have been in need of some new everyday shoes. I shopped around a bit, but couldn't find anything that I liked as much as my TOMS, but I didn't really want to spend the money on a new pair. I went on … [Read more...]

What I Wore {and a Winner!}

Last week,I said that I was going to start linking up on Wednesdays with Lindsay at The Pleated Poppy and her What I Wore Wednesday series as one of my practices of intention in the art of self-care. Well, I should have known better than to commit myself to a regular weekly posting because, as you can see from my 31 Days series, I am not the most disciplined blogger. I spent all day Tuesday and Wednesday working at the church with Phillip, and the blog had to take a backseat to ministry, which … [Read more...]

What I Wore {Latte}

I have been a big fan of Lindsay of The Pleated Poppy and her What I Wore Wednesday series for several years now. She started the series long ago as a way to motivate herself to get out of her sweats and start putting together outfits that made her look and feel better in her everyday life. The series has grown to be a great encouragement and inspiration to the many women who link up and read her blog each week. One of my practices of intention is the art of self-care, and this includes how I … [Read more...]

A Natural Face…Kind Of

I am one of those girl's who doesn't leave the house without her makeup on. When I was younger, my mother worked in cosmetics and I would spend my afternoons hanging out at the makeup counter giving myself makeovers. Needless to say, I like makeup, so a true natural face isn't really an option for me. But I want to be more careful about what I put on my face every day. Did you know that majority of cosmetics and skin care products are full of toxins? If you have a minute, check out this … [Read more...]