November Goals

I can't believe that November is here already. This is an exciting month for the Medlin family! Kate's first birthday is on the 15th and my sister-in-law is getting married on the 22nd. And then there is Thanksgiving and decorating for Christmas. With so much going on, I jotted down a few goals and intentions for the month to help me stay focused and not get too overwhelmed. Weeks 1 & 2: Prepare for Kate's birthday party Paint kitchen island (a DIY that I promise to blog … [Read more...]

I am her, she is me.

I started blogging over four years ago, right after Aidan was born. I was a young mom of 2 under 2, trying to find my own way as I followed my heart and my instincts in mothering and homemaking. My natural inclinations led me down the path of attachment parenting and natural living, so I blogged a lot about these sorts of things. I was also finding freedom in creativity, allowing myself to make lots of mistakes as I learned to knit and sew and try various DIY projects. And then I found myself a … [Read more...]

Stepping Out of the Dressing Room

I guess you could say that I've always been a window shopper of sorts. Not of brick and mortar stores in a quaint town square with an iced latte in hand, although I have done that and it is wonderful and needs to happen again very soon. But no, in this I am speaking metaphorically of those times in which my window shopping looked more like hands and face pressed up against the glass outside the shop of womanhood. Some little girls are intentionally raised to be strong women with a secure … [Read more...]

Permission to Dream

A change is in the air. On my front door hangs the big letter M that my boys painted and glittered last year, the yellow flowers in my entryway have been replaced by a bouquet of sticks collected from our yard, and a pumpkin spice candle flickers in my bathroom. Fall has arrived. I am busy packing away the sandals and shorts and swimsuits, hanging up sweaters and hoodies and still searching for that perfect fall shoe to replace my beloved Gizeh sandals I have worn all summer. A gentle … [Read more...]

Thoughts on Having a Daughter

A few weeks ago, Phillip and I sat in a little booth at Chili’s for some late night appetizers and made some baby predictions. Ironically, each of us picked November 7th as our predicted birth date. Well, today is the 7th and if labor doesn't begin in the next few hours, he and I plan to go out on another little dinner date and make new predictions and relish this last bit of alone time we may get. Phillip has been so sweet over the last few weeks to take the boys along with him a little more … [Read more...]

5 Things I Am Doing to Bounce Back

Yesterday I shared with you that my life has felt a bit chaotic lately and that I have been struggling as a result. But, I am ready to get my life back in order, so here are five things I am doing to bounce back. I threw out my 2012 planner and bought a pretty new one because it's the little things that make the mundane more fun. With my new planner, I will get back to planning our meals, my daily time with the boys, my blog posts, and all of the other things I want to be intentional about … [Read more...]

Ready to Bounce Back

I have to be honest with you. I have been off my game for a bit. I am a person that thrives on rhythm, routine, and schedules. I do not like surprises. I do not like chaos. And lately, my life has felt a little chaotic. I think it all started in October. We went to our fall student retreat, then left immediately for vacation, then I left immediately for Allume, and then we took a new ministry job at a church an hour away, then we put our house up for sale, and since then we have been … [Read more...]

My Practices of Intention {A Manifesto}

Well, I am happy to say that I finished my 31 days series before the calendar rolled over to 2013. So what if it took me three months. (sigh) I am glad that I finished what I started. Really, it was more to me than following through on something I set out to do. Writing the series really helped me define the areas of my life that I want to live with intention as well as opened my eyes to how much I really need to walk in His grace. So as a little tribute 2012, I thought I'd write a … [Read more...]

When You Grow Weary Of Intention

I’ll have to be honest with you…sometimes I just want to throw intention out the window. Sometimes I get tired of goals and to-do lists. I get tired of thinking and planning. Sometimes I wish for a care-free life where everything just falls into place without me making any effort. You know that feeling you get when you are on vacation. You stay up late, sleep in, eat too much, spend money. You wish it could go on forever. But it can’t. Life awaits. Laundry. Grocery Shopping. … [Read more...]

Go For It

Bucket lists, resolutions, life goals, hopes and dreams – whatever you want to call them, we all have things that we would like to accomplish one day. You may have a specific list written down in a journal somewhere, or you may just have some dreams tucked away in your heart and like an old box of photographs, you occasionally pull them off the back shelf, blow the dust from the lid, and smile tenderly as you look at them one by one. Snapshots of a future you hope to have. Is it just me, or … [Read more...]