Losing It

A few months ago, I sat on the floor of my dining room turned crafty home office, with a large pad of paper and black sharpie marker in hand. From time to time I feel the need to re-evaluate my life and my goals, and this was one of those days. Across the top of the paper I wrote, My life is a gift from God. How am I going to live it? I began to write down the categories of my life: wife, mother, homemaker, home educator, minister. I then began to list changes and improvements that I needed to … [Read more...]

{Pause} Grace in Action

I was hesitant about committing to The Nester's 31 Day Challenge because of how busy my calendar was mid-October, but I went for it anyway and I am really glad that I did. This challenge has really helped me to develop discipline as a blogger and as a writer. But nonetheless, here I am at the peak of the busyness, and I am finding myself unable to keep up with posting every single day. This past weekend, my husband and I took our youth group to a fall student retreat and I had poor internet … [Read more...]

Rest for the Weary

My husband is a youth pastor and this past weekend, we took our youth to a lock-in. If you are not familiar with a lock-in, it is basically a slumber party where nobody sleeps. You don’t even get to put on pajama’s or bring a pillow. If you are weak, you might curl up in a chair somewhere or get into child’s pose on the hard church floor, but the real troopers keep it going until the sun comes up. And then of course they pass out in the van on the ride back home. To say I am not a fan of … [Read more...]

Arms Wide Open

Me and God have a history when it comes to houses. Newly married, my husband and I were building our dream home nine years ago. Mid-construction, God opened up the door for us to go into full-time ministry but that required us to give up the house. And we said, “Yes God.” After living with my parents, moving in and out of a roach infested apartment in a three week turnaround, and living in a cool, but tiny loft in the city, we finally purchased our first home. Certainly not my dream home, … [Read more...]

Virginia Beach

This was our third summer taking some of our teens from church to Virginia to work with an inner city camp in the Norfolk area. When we are there, we are only about 30 minutes from Virginia Beach, so we always try to head over there several times during the trip.We didn't have great weather that week, so we only made it to the beach twice. The first time was July 4. The beach was crazy busy and with all of the stuff that we had to carry, I didn't even attempt to bring my nice camera for fear of … [Read more...]

We Survived Summer Camp!

  My husband is a youth pastor and part of his job includes him working at our denomination's state youth camp for 2 weeks every summer. Last year, having a 4 month old and 2 year old, I chose to stay home. But I hated being away from Phillip and was pretty miserable being home alone. So this year, I weighed the pros against the cons of going versus staying home, and camp won out. And I'm glad we went because we had a great time!    I knew Phillip would be extremely busy while we were there, … [Read more...]