No More Paper Towels!

So I kind of forgot to post a change for September, but now I am back on track. For those of you that don't know, One Small Change is basically a challenge to make one environmentally friendly change per month to reduce your carbon footprint.We have recently made the switch to using cloth napkins and rags in place of paper towels. It was a change I had been planning to make for a while, but for some reason it seemed like a lot of work. A few weeks ago I was rummaging around in a bin at the … [Read more...]

Goodbye Dishwasher!

There's a great blog called One Small Change that encourages people to make one environmentally friendly change per month. My change for August is to stop using my dishwasher. I'm one of those people that pretty much wash the dishes before putting them in the dishwasher anyway, so it's not that big of a deal. I actually enjoy washing dishes, I just hate having to dry them. So I am going to use my dishwasher as a huge hidden drying rack! To make washing dishes more fun, I knit up some fun cotton … [Read more...]

Clothespin Apron

Since my dryer is broken and I have been using my clothesline full-time, I decided to make things a little bit easier for myself. Bending down 100+ times to pick up clothespins out of a basket was getting old. I thought it might be easier to hold them in an apron with a big pocket.Of course, as with every great idea I have, someone has already thought of it before me. After a little Google search, I found this great pattern. The floral fabric I used is actually a sheet (pictured below) that I … [Read more...]

Wash Wednesdays and the Amazing Sun

I've been waiting to participate in Wash Wednesdays on Garden Mama's blog. So even though as I'm writing this it is officially Thursday, I'll still join in the fun! I got into "line drying" when I started cloth diapering. That is when I discovered the amazing bleaching power of the sun. My first batch of diapers came out of the wash looking a lot like they did when I put them in. I was so discouraged. A lot of mamas on Diaper Swappers talked about sunning their diapers to bleach out the … [Read more...]

Homemade Dishwasher Detergent

We ran out of dishwasher detergent so I thought I would try to find a natural homemade alternative and check another item off my "Spring Greening" checklist. I found an awesome website called (If you are into natural homemade products, I suggest you check out this blog. It's a great resource!) They had a recipe for homemade dishwasher detergent made with natural ingredients, most of which I already had.    Here's the recipe...       Homemade Dishwasher … [Read more...]

When Life Gives You Lemons

 Use them to clean with! Lemons are a great natural cleaner. Here are a couple of my favorite uses for them...After you are done squeezing the juice from a lemon, use it to wipe the counter tops. This is a great way to clean and freshen the counters while you are cooking.Don't throw away lemons after you are finished with them, grind them in your garbage disposal. This acts as a natural deodorizer!Add a little bit of lemon juice to your vinegar based homemade cleaners to neutralize the … [Read more...]

Greener is Cleaner

I can now check one major thing off of my Spring Greening Checklist. I have made the switch to all natural household cleaning products! I kept putting it off until I ran out of what I had, but that was never going to happen. So I just went and bought what I needed (which was a lot cheaper than chemical cleaners by the way) and boxed up my old stuff to give to the church daycare. That way I don't have to throw it away but can recycle/reuse it.Here is just some of the stuff I got rid of. (I'm … [Read more...]

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