Christmas: The Aftermath

So here is what my typically very organized playroom looked like the day after Christmas and the addition of too many new toys... Aaaahhhh! So I spent the entire day today reorganizing and cleaning the playroom. I had the hubby move a giant cabinet that we have been having no luck at selling BACK into the house and into the playroom for more toy storage. And then had him move our current toy shelf into the boys bedroom, and take the crib apart and put it in storage. (Little Man hasn't spent a … [Read more...]

Learning my DSLR

The boys and I had a nice visit with my grandparents last week. I might have been a little over-ambitious in my list of things I had hoped to accomplish during my trip. I never got around to any reading any books, knitting, or planning, but I did get to play around with my camera in the manual setting. (I also got caught up on the entire season of Project Runway. Good thing I don't watch TV at home anymore or I wouldn't get anything done!)    It was the perfect week to work on improving my … [Read more...]

Birthdays and Bowling

Buddy serenaded Daddy with a little "Happy Birthday" music...   We played silly water games with our teens from church...   Buddy watched from his pool...   My hubby helped me out by taking down the laundry. He even humored my by wearing my clothespin apron. He's so funny!   Little Man tried broccoli for the first time and LOVED it!   The cousins painted some "Under the Sea" watercolors...   And we went bowling with some friends.   I hope you have a lovely … [Read more...]

Pears and Laundry

I have had a really busy week and haven't been able to blog much, so I thought I'd share some highlights of our week... Our pear tree is full of ripe pears ready to be picked and made into yummy preserves! Little Man had his first taste of food other than Mama's milk... Buddy had fun pretending to hang laundry like Mama. He's even wearing a little apron to hold his clothespins... The little cousins relaxed on the sun porch... We scored an amazing deal on this table and chairs (4 … [Read more...]

Let Us Break Bread Together

The other day, a large branch broke on a tree in our front yard. Our sweet neighbor offered to cut it down with his chainsaw and another neighbor said he would mow the grass around the tree for us. I decided to put my new bread maker (a Craigslist find!) to work and make them some homemade Honey Oat Bread as a "thank you". Phillip and Buddy and then I and Buddy took separate trips taking our homemade bread to the neighbors to tell them how much we appreciated what they did. Both times, the … [Read more...]