Your Body, His Temple

Along with getting enough rest, nourishing our bodies is so important in caring for ourselves as women. But while we view sleep and rest as a treat and something we want more of, we hear the words “nutritious diet” and immediately think of punishment. But the real punishment comes when we put things in our body that make us feel bloated and tired, but yet we do it again and again because they taste good and they are easy. I gain weight easily so I have never been one of those girls who can … [Read more...]

Rest for the Weary

My husband is a youth pastor and this past weekend, we took our youth to a lock-in. If you are not familiar with a lock-in, it is basically a slumber party where nobody sleeps. You don’t even get to put on pajama’s or bring a pillow. If you are weak, you might curl up in a chair somewhere or get into child’s pose on the hard church floor, but the real troopers keep it going until the sun comes up. And then of course they pass out in the van on the ride back home. To say I am not a fan of … [Read more...]

The Art of Self-Care

“Are you tired, run down, listless? Do you pop out at parties? Are you unpoopular?” If you are a big I Love Lucy fan like me, this script is likely familiar to you. And if you are busy mom like me, you are probably answering, “YES! Yes I am!” Actually, if you are simply a woman, you are probably answering “Yes!” because there is just something in the DNA of women that causes us to be like the Energizer bunny. We keep going, and going, and going. We are natural caregivers and we instinctively … [Read more...]

DIY Rice Heat Therapy Bags

So I know that I said I was going to take a little break from the blog this month because I have lots to do.But then I came down with the flu. Bad flu. Unfortunately I am not the kind of person who can sleep a lot. I am more the type to lie awake at night because I can't shut my brain off. Or because I feel miserable. And right now it's the latter.One thing that is bringing me great comfort is my rice heat therapy bag. I have it on the back of my neck as I am sitting here … [Read more...]

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