Your Body, His Temple

Along with getting enough rest, nourishing our bodies is so important in caring for ourselves as women. But while we view sleep and rest as a treat and something we want more of, we hear the words “nutritious diet” and immediately think of punishment. But the real punishment comes when we put things in our body that make us feel bloated and tired, but yet we do it again and again because they taste good and they are easy. I gain weight easily so I have never been one of those girls who can … [Read more...]

Quieting the Noise

To really begin this journey of cultivating a life of intention and grace, we must first quiet the noise in our lives in order to lessen the distractions. I’m not talking about locking all of the kids in the playroom for a few hours so that you can just simply put a thought together, although that has crossed my mind a time or two. I’m talking about those things we turn to when we don’t want to think or do. We all have things we turn to when we want to tune out. Books, television, music, … [Read more...]

I Did It

I joined with 10,000 people to support a great cause, and ran my first 5K this morning! Phillip and the boys came out to support me and my friend Chelsi, and they were cheering us on at the at the finish line. It was a great way to start my Thanksgiving Day and a tradition that I hope to continue each year. Who knows...maybe next year I'll try for the 10K. We had a wonderful Thanksgiving Dinner celebration with my husband's family this evening. And while many are out in the craziness … [Read more...]

No Time To Lose!

The baby weight that is. At least I'm still calling it baby weight even though Little Man is now 18 months old. I have always had to stay on top of my weight. I'm not one of those people who can eat whatever they want and still be thin. If I want to be thin, I have to watch what I eat and exercise regularly. Unfortunately, I wasn't raised in such a way that eating healthy or working were a natural part of my lifestyle, so I have to make a very conscious effort to do both. After I had … [Read more...]

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