I am her, she is me.

I started blogging over four years ago, right after Aidan was born. I was a young mom of 2 under 2, trying to find my own way as I followed my heart and my instincts in mothering and homemaking. My natural inclinations led me down the path of attachment parenting and natural living, so I blogged a lot about these sorts of things. I was also finding freedom in creativity, allowing myself to make lots of mistakes as I learned to knit and sew and try various DIY projects. And then I found myself a bit obsessed with preschool educational philosophies and ventured into the world of creative, play-based learning with Jack.

I was Naturally Chic Mama.

Naturally Chic Mama

Then seasons changed, and I found myself wanting to write more about faith and grace and living with intention, but I felt trapped by my blog name and the niche I found myself in. So I declared myself a writer, left Naturally Chic Mama behind and started this blog.

A new name, a new me.

I wrote my way through 31 Days of Intention and have continued writing about faith and motherhood and various other topics. But I started to miss being able to share my love for creativity and I wanted to write about homeschooling and show you my house that I had been working so hard to remodel and decorate. And so I did.

I’ve told you before that I don’t really fit well into a blogging category or niche. I am a rather eclectic person who enjoys a variety of things and this blog is truly becoming a reflection of that. So now that I am back to regular blogging, I have decided to embrace the blogger I once was and bring all of my Naturally Chic Mama posts over here to Always, Amanda. So if you are newer to my blog, you can peruse my archives and read some new-to-you posts.

Here are some of my favorites:

Our Love Story

What Exactly Does a Godly Woman Look Like

Why I Want to Raise Creative Children

DIY Gratitude Tree

The house we previously lived in decorated for Christmas.

Preschool Learning Activities

Enjoy browsing and please excuse any poor quality photographs. I didn’t really know much about photography when I started out and have improved somewhat, although I still have so much to learn. Also, I have noticed a few posts aren’t formatted well, so I will work on editing those to make them easier to read.

Part of me wants to just delete some of the old posts. I don’t really think of myself as very green these days, although I still cloth diaper, make my own household cleaners, and hand wash my dishes. (But that’s because my dish washer is broken.) So I guess I’m still sort of green. And as Megan says, “It’s okay to be sorta.”

Although some took the name Naturally Chic Mama to simply mean natural parenting and natural living, for me it always meant me being who God made me to be, and being the woman he created me to be is what made me naturally chic. In the same way, Always, Amanda is more than just a fun way to sign my blog posts, to me it means that no matter what season I find myself in or where my journey leads, I will always be Amanda.

My blog archives are truly reflective of my journey, so even the ones with bad photographs will remain, because this blog is more about my story than anything else. My journey to finding my own way. My journey to embracing the woman that God created me to be and living the life he has called me to live with bravery and authenticity.

So as I move forward in blogging, I plan to just follow my heart and blog out of whatever season I find myself in, whether that looks like me writing about faith and motherhood and personal growth or homeschooling and DIY projects. I do plan to write a lot about raising creative kids and planting seeds of faith in their hearts, because those are two things I am very passionate about.

From time to time, you might find yourself uninterested in what I am writing about, so if you ever need to take a break from reading my blog, I completely understand. Just as I go through seasons as a blogger, I also go through them as a blog reader and sometimes unsubscribe from blogs only to resubscribe later. No worries.

If there is something that you wish I would blog more about or a question that you would like to ask me, feel free to leave it in the comments and I will do my best to cover that topic in the near future.

Thank you for journeying with me.




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  1. I love that you are bringing the old post here because in your last post you made a comment about “the pages will be gathered and tell a beautiful story” and now we get a better picture of that whole story. I love you!!! I will peruse soon…..looking forward to it.

    • Amanda Medlin says:

      You will get to see Jack (aka “Buddy”) and Aidan (aka “Little Man”) when they were tiny and learn all you ever wanted to know about cloth diapering. Haha! Love you too friend!

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