My Hello and My Sorry

So it’s been a while since I’ve last blogged. An almost 10-month loooong while. I never intended to stop blogging altogether. Life just got a little, shall we say, busy. And my poor little blog was shoved to the bottom of the list and never again resurfaced for air. Oh, I wrote many posts in my head, and wanted to share pictures and such with you, but the amount of time that had passed made it feel awkward to just pop-in randomly without first saying hello and sorry I haven’t written in a while, as you would to a friend you had neglected to keep in touch with.

So this is my hello and my sorry. Now let’s catch up, shall we?

Jack is now 6 and in first grade and he seems so old. He is maturing and I am learning to navigate the waters of parenting an older child. He is still the friendliest kid you’ll ever meet and would rather sit and have a meaningful conversation with an adult more than anything else. He’s now a Tiger Cub Scout, taking gymnastics lessons because “real ninjas know how to do flips,” and he’s learning how to play the drums and piano. He’s super creative, a math whiz, and is reading everything (including my text messages!) He’s very responsible and does a great job being the biggest brother in our family.


Aidan is now 4, and as you could see, he recently had his curls cut off. He wanted a “boy haircut” and he is cuter than ever. He is maturing as well, and sometimes says these profound things that make me have to stop and remind myself that he is not my baby anymore. He is a little comedian and entertainer, and has the sweetest, most joyful disposition. He loves to learn letters and numbers and he is becoming quite the little artist. He also takes gymnastics, and has his instructor wrapped around his little finger. He’s as healthy as ever, and the only thing that causes him digestive issues is Red 40, so we pretty much avoid artificial coloring altogether. He is a great big brother and Kate adores him.


And now for Miss Kate! Again I apologize for not flooding your feed with cute pictures of her these past 10 months, but hopefully you follow me on Instagram, and have watched her grow up over there. Kate is all sweetness with a side of sass. She is a major Mama’s girl, but she’s slowly getting better about going to other people. She is crawling everywhere and pulling up, saying a handful of words, blowing kisses, and now has 4 cute teeth peeking out in that big smile of hers. She still loves to nurse and be worn in the Ergo, and she flaps her arms like a little bird when she gets excited. I love her so much and absolutely love having a little girl in our family.

IMG_7613These past 10 months have been wonderful and hard and fulfilling and overwhelming and everything in between. I remember the 5 years that Phillip and I were married with no children, and I would sit at my desk job and daydream of a colorful, messy, busy, loud house full of kids running around and artwork taped to the walls and toys underfoot and silly giggles and all the signs of life and family. And now I am living that dream. And I love it!

But a big part of keeping that dream thriving is a busy mama behind the scenes.

When you have three young children and a puppy (yeah, we were kind of crazy and thought that we should add a puppy to the mix) and are homeschooling and busy in ministry, there isn’t a lot of free time for mama, so I have had to be very intentional with what little pockets of time I could find.

As our family grew in number and in ages this past year (the boys seem so much older at 4 and 6 than they did at 3 and 5!), there were some areas that needed my attention in either creating or fine-tuning some systems to help our home and family run more efficiently, and as much as I would rather have used my spare time for creative projects and staying connected online, I needed work on things like house cleaning routines, a better laundry system, creating chore charts and starting allowances, meal planning and regular grocery shopping (not my strength), making better use of Google Calendar and Evernote for personal planning and organization, creating a family prayer binder (this I enjoyed!), organizing my family photos online to begin working on long overdue photobooks (for some reason I hate working on these), homeschool planning for our 2014-2015 school year, and re-establishing a much needed post-summer daily schedule/rhythm for all of us.

It makes me tired just reading that list. It was kind of like Mommy Boot Camp but now our home and family and schooling seem to be running smoothly and I can sit back and relax a little. (Yeah right.)

Now I look forward to using my little bits of free time for more creating and blogging, and for some much-needed physical, spiritual, and mental self-care (more on that later) and for dreaming some God-sized dreams (more on that too).

So I’m not making any promises, but I’m going to try to show up here a little more, because I’ve missed this space and I’d love to reconnect. Thanks for sticking around.





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  1. Welcome back! I look forward to hearing more about where you are in life now 🙂
    I’d be really interested in hearing more about your family prayer binder if you’re willing to share.

    • Amanda Medlin says:

      Ashley, It’s good to be back. Yes, I would love to share about our family prayer binder, and I have plans to blog about that very soon!

  2. Welcome back! 🙂 Looking forward to reading what God is putting on your heart!

  3. So glad you are back and completely understand about life…I feel like I have to do the same every so often. My blog has been quite neglected this past year as well. Life happens, right?

  4. yay! I discovered your blog just before your break and I’m so happy you’re back! it IS kind of awkward to step back in to blogging after a hiatus … but clearly you’ve been using your time well and doesn’t it feel GREAT to feel like you’re ready for the next 5 minutes of life?

  5. Oh girl!! I know all too well the neglect we can subject our blogs to! I’m busy with our fourth little right now (a 5 month old baby girl) and don’t get around to blogging nearly as much as I would like. So glad to see you’re back!! Can’t wait to read about what you’ve been up to.

    • Amanda Medlin says:

      Melony, It sounds like you and I are in the same place. Congratulations on your new baby girl! I look forward to reconnecting with you!

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