The First Five Weeks {Homeschooling}

I thought I would take a little break from the home tour to update you on how our homeschool year is going so far. We are 5 weeks in and things are better than I anticipated! I was nervous about transitioning from our very relaxed summer routine into a more structured daily rhythm, but the “schedule” we have been keeping has been relaxed enough for me to not feel pressure, but structured enough that our days have been going very smoothly.

Jack loves school and is breezing right through the Math-U-See Primer book and the Logic of English program.

Aidan loves to sit right there with us and play with the Math-U-See blocks and sound out words with Logic of English. He’s a smart little guy and he loves to learn his numbers and practice writing them on the chalkboard.





We love doing our Nature Studies and the Five in a Row curriculum. Every afternoon is full of fun, creative, hands-on learning!

Here is a look at some of the things we have been doing…

We learned about reflections and took a walk out to the lake to look at the reflections in the water. Jack is a great little artist and he loves to draw in his nature journal.



Aidan loves to take photographs!


Jack and Aidan’s best friend often spends one day a week with us and he loves being part of our school day. While we were reading The Story of Ping, we took a trip to a local park to observe and identify the ducks.


And of course Jack wanted to draw one of the ducks that they saw.


We also love to do little science experiments. One day we learned about buoyancy and gathered various items from around the house to see what would float and what would sink.


They discovered that wood and plastic float and metal sinks, but if they tied a plastic cup to a metal spoon, they were able to make the spoon float.


We learned about how our ears work and found out that if we hit a metal pan very loudly, we can cause rice to jump in reaction to the sound. They loved banging that metal pan!


They had fun using their ears to identify various sounds and instruments…


…and learned about the many different kinds of instruments and practiced sorting them by family using these instrument nomenclature cards. We also enjoyed reading these books that we found at the library about the Percussion Family, the Brass Family, and the Woodwind Family.


Some friends of ours from our old church visited us for the day and joined us in learning about how our taste buds work. We tested various things in the pantry to see if they were sweet, salty, sour, or bitter.


We ended our little experiment with a sweet and salty snack of ice cream and pretzel mix. Yum!


Jack has always been very interested buildings and architecture, so while we were reading Lentil, we took a couple of days to look over some architecture books. Jack designed a condo skyscraper and he and Aidan created a little city out of blocks.




We also learned about patriotism and the American Flag, and we start each school day by saying the Pledge of Allegiance. One of the boys’ favorite car games to play is counting the American Flags that they see as we drive down the road.


A lot of the books we read and shows and movies we watch are classics, so we talk a lot about past versus present. Aidan loves sorting these Past/Present nomenclature cards from Montessori Print Shop.


We ended September with a field trip to a local apple orchard and have had lots of fun since then learning all about apples.



We’ve made fried apple pies, apple scented play dough, diagrammed the parts of an apple, learned the life cycle of the apple/apple tree. We are currently finishing up our activities that go along with How to Make an Apple Pie and See the World.

We have also really been enjoying our afternoon read-alouds. We finished Winnie-the-Pooh, and House at Pooh Corner, and are almost finished with the The Tales of Peter Rabbit and His Friends. After reading this post and listening to this podcast about The Moral Imagination, I really want to locate a set of the My Book House series for our read-aloud time.


So the first five weeks have been better than I could have hoped. Now I just have to figure out how to stay focused for the next six weeks as I find myself getting more and more distracted in preparing for the arrival of our baby girl! Thankfully she is due to be born the week prior to Thanksgiving, so it will be the perfect time to take a small break from our studies. I plan to keep it simple through the holidays, just focusing on Math, English, and read-alouds, and some holiday-themed arts and crafts, and then get back to our Five in a Row in January.

As Aidan would say, “Sound like a plan?”



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  1. Glad it’s going so well for you guys…thank you for the list of resources! I’m always looking for more.

  2. God bless you Amanda. Homeschooling is a calling. Seeing everything you all have done so far just confirmed it’s not my calling! Don’t know how you do it AND with #3 on the way!

    • Amanda Medlin says:

      I don’t enjoy the planning side of things, but I love the day-to-day activities. I always loved school growing up and wanted to be a teacher, so I am happy to have the best of both worlds – to teach and be able to stay home with my kids!

  3. Thank you for taking the time to blog! I am going to homeschool my daughter starting next year and am starting to get organized now. At times I feel overwhelmed because there are so many curriculum options! But I need to remember to keep things simple and fun. My daughter is only 5 and loves to learn and I am more excited than anything. Right now I wonder how to keep a structure but still be relaxed and go with the flow. I guess I will just have to try different things until we find what works for us but it’s nice to see what works for others!

    • Amanda Medlin says:

      Tiffany, I am glad that you enjoyed the post! Kindergarten is such a great time to start homeschooling because aside from basic math and beginning reading, there isn’t much more “required”, so you really have a lot of wiggle room to experiment with various styles, activities, and schedules to find what works best with your child’s learning style and interests, and your personal teaching style and daily rhythm.

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