DIY TOMS Makeover

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Last October, I purchased my first pair of TOMS and they quickly became my everyday shoe. When we were working on our house over the summer, I accidentally got white trim paint on the toes, and they have been sitting neglected on my closet shelf since.

Now that fall has once again arrived, I have been in need of some new everyday shoes. I shopped around a bit, but couldn’t find anything that I liked as much as my TOMS, but I didn’t really want to spend the money on a new pair. I went on Pinterest for some ideas, and decided to glue some fabric on my TOMS to cover the areas where I had gotten paint on them.

But first, as you can see, they needed a good cleaning!


To clean them, I first sprayed the outside of the shoes with Spray & Wash and let them sit for about 10 minutes. Then I put a few drops of detergent on the toes and placed them in a delicates bag. I washed them on a gentle, short cycle in the washing machine and sat them outside to dry.

My TOMS are the “ash” color which already looks faded, so I didn’t mind placing them in the sun so that they would dry faster. If you don’t want your TOMS to fade, you will want to dry them in the shade or indoors.

After they were dry, I grabbed some scrap fabric from my stash, a pair of sharp sewing scissors, and fabric glue. I played around with the design and decided to go with a messy scrappy look. I followed the original angled shape of the toe portion of the shoe, and on the final piece, I hemmed one edge of the fabric to give it a more professional look.


For the final step, I took a pair of sewing scissors and trimmed the fabric around the bottom edge of the shoe, carefully following the line of the sole.


I let them dry overnight, and TA-DA…a “new” pair of TOMS for fall!


If your worn out TOMS are in need of a makeover, you should try this out. It’s so easy and everyone will be asking where you got your shoes!

Oh, and here is a link to an interesting article I read the other day about TOMS Shoes rethinking their “buy one, give one” model.



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  1. these look great Amanda! you should spray them with scotchguard so they will look better longer.

  2. Emily Gardner says:

    Oh my goodness. So cute!

  3. Our youth pastor’s wife just did this with her Toms…I’d never have thought of it. These look great!

  4. Gloria Blevins says:

    Amanda you never cease to amaze me.

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