Our Superhero Boys’ Room

Disclaimer: The boys’ room is never this clean. It was actually quite a disaster the other night, and I asked Phillip to help them clean it up while I went to the grocery store, and was pleasantly surprised to find that they did a good deep clean. I figured it was now or never to snap some pictures, because I don’t anticipate it looking like this again anytime in the near future. 🙂

In our old house, the boys had a tiny bedroom that was a pass through to our master bedroom. They shared a full size bed and most of their toys were out on our sunporch or in our school room. When we bought this house, we were so excited that they would have a nice large bedroom that could hold their beds, furniture, and toys, and still allow room for them to run around and play.



Remember how Jack really wanted a house with stairs? Well, his and Aidan’s very own “secret” staircase is located behind that toy shelf, leading down to our laundry room, and then on into the kitchen. They love those stairs and the bottom landing is a great place for me to toss all of their toys that have made their way downstairs throughout the day. My rule is: “Never go upstairs empty handed.”

When we moved here, we decided it was time to move them from sharing a full-sized bed to having their own twin beds. I searched and searched Craigslist for some classic wooden headboards to paint and wasn’t having any luck. And then someone donated these awesome beds to our church yard sale and they were already this great shade of blue!

I wanted to decorate their room with a superhero theme, but not overdo it. I found cute superhero sheets at Target and paired them with a plain white bedskirt and gray gingham comforters that I had purchased on clearance at IKEA last Christmas. The little toy boxes at the end of their beds are also from IKEA, and are stuffed to the max with all of their dress up clothes.


I wanted to hang something above each of their beds, but the low ceiling did not give me much space to work with, so I made them little name banners by cutting letters out of craft felt and sewing them to jute twine. Jack begged me to hang a cross near his bed, and we had the perfect one that had been gifted to us years ago by a man at a church in New Orleans just weeks before his area was destroyed by the flood. That cross has special meaning to us, and we are happy to let the boys hang it in their room. The little blue thing next to the closet door is a calculator hung with tacky putty. The boys love to pretend that they need to enter secret codes to open their closet doors.


On the other side of Jack’s closet, I hung a little collage of inexpensive IKEA frames featuring some of the boys’ art work. I love displaying their art!


All of their furniture is yard sale finds or hand-me-downs that I had already painted and had used in their old bedroom. I love this mustard yellow dresser that belonged to Phillip’s mom when she was young. I painted it a couple of years ago and it has done a great job at holding all of the boys’ clothes.


And yes, that is a set of drums and microphone over by the yellow dresser. Call us crazy!


We LOVED the fact that this room already had a built-in shelf to display many of their toys, as well as plenty of room for their train/lego table and their IKEA tent. I thought for sure we would have to get rid of some of their bigger items when we were first talking about moving, but we were able to keep every single item, and they all fit perfectly.

The large frame hanging on the back of their toy wall is actually a small door that I found in the AS-IS department at IKEA. I painted the two end panels with chalkboard paint, and covered the center one with craft cork. With all of the low ceilings in the room, I was worried I wouldn’t find a place to hang it, but it works great over their toy bins.


We are so blessed to have this great room for the boys and they absolutely love it! I think it will transition well with them as they grow older. Right now, they are best buddies and I hope and pray that never changes!

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Hope you are having a great week!




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  1. I’m liking your house! This bedroom reminds me of the one I had when I was a teenager. Not the super hero them of course :), but the low ceilings. That was one of my favorite rooms!

    • Amanda Medlin says:

      Thanks! I like rooms with low ceilings too. Even though the room is big, the ceilings make it still feel cozy!

  2. You are inspiring me to clean, organize and decorate – which is really saying something! we moved 9 months ago and some things still seem so “temporary.” Love how you’re finally seeing some of your visions/hopes for your boys’ environment come to life. 🙂

    • Amanda Medlin says:

      I’m glad you’re inspired! The three years I spent in my last house were really a time of my figuring out my style and slowly collecting things at yard sales and thrift stores. So when we moved here, I knew my style and what I wanted, and had a lot of the things I needed to make it happen. And the baby coming really gave me push to get it done as fast as possible! It was a lot of hard work to get it all done in the time frame we did, but I am so thankful now that I can just relax and enjoy!

  3. Love boys! Love this room.

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