We Survived Another Summer Camp!

My husband is a youth minister and every summer, we work two weeks of church camp. This year, my husband was the camp director for the state, so we attended all four weeks of camp and I am happy to say that we not only survived…we had a GREAT time!

The first week, we hosted the Boys and Girls Club Marching Band from Montego Bay, Jamaica. They were so much fun to hang out with and we were sad to say goodbye.


Several of our friends who work camp have kids the same age as the boys, so they had lots of fun playing together!

image (2)

They also had fun with sidewalk chalk and fishing and swimming and riding their trikes and scooters all over the campground!




And Aidan entertained himself by taking a few pictures with my phone. He’s so funny!

image (1)

Two of their favorite bands/singers were at camp, so Jack drew pictures for them. He LOVES to draw and I am amazed at how quickly his drawing has improved. Just a few months ago, he was drawing stick figures.


Speaking of their favorite singers/bands, since camp, all they want to listen to is B-Shoc and they love to put their “deuces in the air”!


Aidan pretty much wore a  super hero mask the entire four weeks of camp. Some nights, he even slept in one and I couldn’t resist snapping a quick picture.


Here they are the last day of camp. They had such a fun time and can’t wait to go back! Next year, Jack will be old enough to be a camper. He is growing up so fast!


Every year at camp, I am in charge of the camp “craft”. This year, the theme was “Get Loud!” so we had white camp shirts available for sale in the canteen and set up a DIY tie-dye station outside. It was such a hit! We ended up tie-dying 450 shirts over three weeks! I didn’t even have enough supplies left over to do it the last week of camp, so I had to improvise with some other activities. You can see Aidan’s shirt in his fishing picture above.

With all the busyness of camp, my pregnancy is flying by. I am 21 weeks today! We had our 20 week ultrasound yesterday and everything looks great!

I had a little fun turning my camp shirt into a maternity shirt following this tutorial. Being pregnant at camp was actually just fine. The heat wasn’t too bad and besides being a little tired at times, I felt great!

camp shirt-001

Now that we are home, we are picking up where we left off on our home renovations. We are going to work hard to try to complete everything in July. It is coming together beautifully! I will share pictures soon.

In the meantime, I am starting to plan out our first official homeschool year. On one of the weekends we were home between camp, my friend and I went to a used homeschool curriculum sale and found TONS of great deals. I will share more soon about my plans for the school year.

image (4)

So my next few months look like:

1) Finish House

2) Plan Homeschool

3) Get Ready for Baby

No reason to panic, right?

I hope you are having a great summer and I promise to check back  in soon!



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