Preserving Memories

I finally got around to organizing our keepsakes. I don’t know why it took me so long to start the project because once I began, it really only took me a few hours and now I am finished and it feels great to be able to check that off my list.

Most of my keepsakes were already in boxes, so I just needed to sort through them. I have a box for Jack, a box for Aidan, and a box for me and Phillip. I simply went through the boxes and grouped the cards and keepsakes by year or event or church or however they best went together and then put them in a gallon size Ziploc baggie, which I labeled with a Sharpie.


It’s funny how you can fit the last 10 years of your life in a file box.

For future keepsakes, I have a three-tiered tray where I will place things like cards and artwork until the tray gets full enough to sort through and add to the appropriate box and baggie.


I have gotten into the habit of taking all of my pictures off of my camera and phone at the end of each month, so I think I will also plan to sort through the trays at the same time. For the boy’s artwork, I am dating each piece before it goes in the tray and one of my next projects is to make each of them an art portfolio to preserve their work.

I have come to terms with the fact that I am not a great memory keeper and that my children will never have beautiful scrapbooks to look through. But my mom didn’t keep great albums either and I was perfectly happy as a little girl sitting on her bedroom floor digging through photos and keepsakes that she kept in a big box under her bed.

In fact, it’s one of my best childhood memories.

As I was digging through my own box of cards and keepsakes, I came across a birthday card to me from my dad, who passed away almost three years ago. I read his words in his handwriting and tears filled my eyes.


As I get older, I reflect back on the days when you were a little girl. Those days I saw God’s hand on your life, and I know He has His hand on you now. Now that you are ending your 20’s, I see nothing but GREAT things He has for you. How He works through you, on how you touch so many people’s lives. I know that you don’t hear it enough how special you are and how much you are loved! So I want you to know from the deepest part of my heart, I love you and thank God for you.

I love you,


That right there, that is what it’s all about.

The boxes and the baggies, the cards and the keepsakes.

So I can sit on the floor of my office and remember.

And make sure that someday my boys will be able to do the same.



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  1. I LOVE the idea of using large baggies in boxes! Almost makes me want to tackle our own piles and random boxes. Almost. And that note from your dad? Oh, my. My dad went to be with his Savior a little less than three years ago, too, so I know the feeling of seeing his writing. There is just a special connection to his heart when I read something he wrote in his own hand. It’s priceless.

  2. Love this simple way to organize all of the keepsakes without over thinking it! I’ve started creating scrapbooks by theme (one for Christmas celebrations, one for my birthdays, etc.) instead of trying to put all of my childhood photos into chronological order in albums…so much less stressful.

    • Amanda Medlin says:

      I definitely prefer organizing by theme! My next project is to make photobooks for each year, but I am going to organize the photos within the book by theme and event rather than by month. I saw a sample one like this on one of the photobook websites and it was so cool!

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