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Goodbye, Hello {January 2013 edition}

January has been a fun and busy month! :: in the ministry :: We are settling in well at our new church and making lots of friends. Phillip and I have been working on redesigning our student center, and we turned the old game room into a cool coffee shop where I have had a lot of fun painting and thrifting and decorating. The boys love hanging out at the student center all day because the main room is a big as a gymnasium and it has concrete floors - the perfect place to ride trikes and … [Read more...]

On Finding God in My Kitchen

I sat down at my computer multiple times last week to write, but ended up staring at the blinking cursor on the screen. Tapping out a few words, backspace, backspace. Close. Don't save. Shut screen. No words coming to mind. So this is writer’s block, I think to myself. No words come to mind because all that I can think of is food. The Bible says to not worry about what you will eat or drink. But what if your child has digestive issues? What if certain foods cause your little one … [Read more...]

Desperate {An Intention Meets Grace Book Study}

I hold these pages, words of Sarah Mae’s and Sally’s, that are a gift to every mother, that welcome mothers everywhere out of hiding and loneliness and into a fellowship of sisters and mentors, that will make you feel not alone, that will make you feel that there is real God-given hope. -Ann Voskamp, New York Times best-selling author of One Thousand Gifts “I just can’t be a mother today.” If you’ve ever whispered those words to God in quiet desperation, you are not alone. That is why I … [Read more...]

On Dreams and Motherhood

Both in the world of ministry and the world of blogging, there is a lot of focus on growth. Growing your numbers, growing your platform, growing your influence. I have a little secret to share. In both worlds I oftentimes feel like a bit of an under-achiever. I have no grand dreams or any tangible goals to jot down on paper. Oh sure, I would love to write a book someday or be asked to speak at an event. At least, I think I would. Because that is what every minister and blogger wants, … [Read more...]

In which I am a Desperate Mom

I find that one of the best feelings in the world is that moment when you realize that you are not alone in your struggles with a particular issue or in your feelings on a certain topic. Whether the realization comes during a conversation, or as you are reading a book or a blog post, that feeling of relief accompanied by the words “Me too!” is one that is very freeing. Because it is at that point that we no longer feel that we have to hide the truth of how we feel or what it is that we are … [Read more...]

5 Things I Am Doing to Bounce Back

Yesterday I shared with you that my life has felt a bit chaotic lately and that I have been struggling as a result. But, I am ready to get my life back in order, so here are five things I am doing to bounce back. I threw out my 2012 planner and bought a pretty new one because it's the little things that make the mundane more fun. With my new planner, I will get back to planning our meals, my daily time with the boys, my blog posts, and all of the other things I want to be intentional about … [Read more...]

Ready to Bounce Back

I have to be honest with you. I have been off my game for a bit. I am a person that thrives on rhythm, routine, and schedules. I do not like surprises. I do not like chaos. And lately, my life has felt a little chaotic. I think it all started in October. We went to our fall student retreat, then left immediately for vacation, then I left immediately for Allume, and then we took a new ministry job at a church an hour away, then we put our house up for sale, and since then we have been … [Read more...]

Dear mom, what you do matters to God.

If you haven't seen this beautiful video that my dear friend Sally Clarkson made to encourage moms, please take a moment to watch. Oh, you might want to grab a tissue first! Have a beautiful weekend! Always, Amanda … [Read more...]


Planning and organization is something that comes naturally to me. I used to be in the event planning industry and the first thing I like to do when planning an event is to close my eyes and imagine the event taking place. I take in the big picture – the sights, the sounds, the smell, the atmosphere, the feel of the space. Then I open my eyes and work my way backwards, jotting down the details and to-do’s necessary to turning that mental picture into a reality. My method has always served me … [Read more...]

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