When Our Plans Fall Apart

I met the beautiful Jennifer Kindle of The Kindle Crew at Allume this year, and I don’t know that I have ever met someone that I have SO MUCH in common with! I wish I could move her and her family from Texas to Atlanta so we could hang out all the time. She has four gorgeous kids and her heart and passion toward motherhood are such an inspiration to me. I asked her to share her thoughts today on how she is living where intention meets grace this Christmas season. Her words truly blessed me and I know they will bless you too!

Christmas is just around the weekend.  I had purposed to be intentional every day from Thanksgiving until now and here we are five days from Christmas and we are still on Day 7 of our Truth in the Tinsel, we are stuck on Day 3 of our do-something-nice-for-someone-else countdown, only one Advent candle has been lit and Christmas cards have yet to be ordered.

At first glance, this season has complete failure and utter disappointment written all over it.  My few-years-ago self would be in despair and slipping into a mild depression by now because of all my failed attempts in creating the most perfect Christmas memories.  I would start listening and believing Satan’s attacks that “I never finish anything” and my all or nothing personality would want to throw in the towel, forget all of it, maybe even be so extreme as to trash all the Christmas decorations.  That seems drastic, but I know some of you are feeling me here.

I wasn’t very understanding and certainly not receiving of God’s grace at all.

Over the last couple of years, the Lord has gently shown me what it looks like to accept his grace and He is continually teaching me how to let that grace overflow into the lives of others.  In this process, He has redefined for me what it looks like to be intentional.

I love Amanda’s warning in her Go For It post. She said to make sure we don’t get so caught up with our plans that we fail to hear the voice and direction of our heavenly Father.

I’ve been guilty of being intentional but not consulting the Lord in prayer for my plans.  He has taught me to ask Him every morning what we should do that day and I have formed the habit of asking Him to let us accomplish all He wants us to do and to not allow us to do anything that He doesn’t have for us to do.  I’ve found so much joy in letting Him guide our days and I can go to bed at night at peace knowing we did exactly everything the Lord had planned, nothing more – nothing less.

With that said, I’m guilty for getting caught up in cuteness and fun and completely forgetting to consult the Lord about what seems like simple decisions.  For instance, Truth in the Tinsel is so cute and teaches little ones about Truth.  Our do-something-nice-for-someone-else countdown teaches my children compassion and service to others.  How can our Advent wreath not be part of this season?  There is nothing wrong with any of these activities except, I didn’t seek the Lord about His plan for our family this Christmas season.

I know, in His grace, He has taught me to be intentional about knowing His plans for my family and when I make plans without asking Him, they always fall apart.  After my plans fall apart, He is so faithful to shower me with grace and gently remind me that being intentional doesn’t always mean making plans. Being intentional, for me, most always means intentionally seeking God’s will for me and my family.

It’s okay not to finish something that I wasn’t supposed to be doing in the first place.

Cultivating Intention:

Is there anything causing you stress and feelings of disappointment or failure this Christmas season.  If it isn’t something the Lord gave you the okay on in the first place, let it go, repent for not stewarding your time, accept His grace and seek His plan.

Cultivating Grace:

Be intentional in your prayer life to ask the Lord His plans for you and your family.  He promises that we will find Him when we seek Him with all of our hearts.

You will seek me and find me when you seek me with all your heart. Jeremiah 29:13


v904This post is Day 29 of the 31 day series I am writing on cultivating a life of intention and grace. For a complete index of posts in this series, click here. To read more 31 Days series, please visit The Nester.

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