Hello Monday!

Life was busier than usual last week, so things were a little bit quiet here on the blog. I thought I would join Lisa Leonard today with a Hello Monday post to give you a peek at a few things that have been going on around here.

Hello newly staged playroom!

We met with a realtor on Friday to show him our house and get an idea of the market and what price we should list our house at. He is pretty confident that he can sell it quickly and for a good price, so we are happy about that. We spent most of the weekend working on the yard, and re-staging the playroom and the sun porch.


 Hello new friends!

One of the great things about attending Allume was meeting fellow bloggers and forming “real life” friendships. The gal next to me in the picture above is Trina Holden, and in the words of Jerry McGuire, she had me at hello. She is an amazing woman and it was so fun meeting her at Allume. Although she lives in New York and I am in Georgia, her family travels to my neighboring state of Alabama quite frequently, and she just so happened to be driving into Atlanta for a couple of days last week so she and her beautiful children came over to visit for the afternoon. She is also very passionate about living with intention and has such a “go for it” attitude. I was so encouraged and inspired by our conversations last Thursday and I am very thankful for our new friendship.

Hello blog design!

The cute red head next to Trina is Gretchen Louise, who helped me out tremendously with my blog before we ever even met. She is a blogging and social media guru and in addition to her tips and tricks, she also offers technical services to bloggers. I’m kind of DIY when it comes to blog design, and although I can figure a lot of things out, I occasionally hit a few brick walls when it comes to CSS, and Gretchen always steps in and saves the day!

You may notice a few differences on my blog design today, and you will continue to see a few changes over the next week or so. Nothing major, the biggest thing being the addition of a sidebar and a few color changes. Oh, and I officially made “…where intention meets grace” my tagline. It was the tagline I wanted to use from the very beginning, I just needed to give myself a few months of writing to make sure that it was right, and I feel like it is.

Hello (and hopefully goodbye) hurt tummy!

A few months ago, we discovered that my poor little Aidan is gluten intolerant. He has had digestive issues since he started solid foods, but we didn’t realize it was due to gluten until my sister moved in with us and observed that his symptoms and behavior were exactly like her daughter’s before she removed gluten from her diet. It has been tricky learning what he can eat and what he cannot. He’s been doing good for a while, but we ate out a lot of the weekend and somehow he must have consumed some gluten because he has had a terrible day today with pain and inflammation. It is heartbreaking for this mama to watch! All morning I googled care remedies and called Trina who has an e-book called Real {Fast} Food, and she gave me some tips on making homemade chicken broth for him to drink to work on healing his digestive system. He loves hot {warm} tea so I have also been making him ginger tea with honey. He is still in pain, but is acting much better than he did last night and this morning. Please keep him in your prayers and also me, as I learn how to protect his little body from the things that cause him pain.

Hello new beginnings!

On Saturday, I helped my sister move into her new place. We are excited for her and her girls for this new chapter in their lives and happy that they moved close by, so that we can continue to be a big part of each other’s lives.

So those are a few things that have been going on around here. I hope you are having a great Monday!





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  1. So excited about the scarves! Yay!

  2. I can’t wait to see the new infinity scarves!!! I’m hoping that you have one in yellow that I can order! Also, praying for little man. I personally suffer from digestive issues (not sure from what) so I know exactly what that is like. I’ll be praying for his speedy recovery! 😀

    • Amanda Medlin says:

      Thank you for praying for Aidan. I feel so helpless when he is in so much pain. I will definitely have lots of mustard scarves. It is one of my favorite colors!

  3. What brightens my day? Always, Amanda…always!!! Im gluten intolerant…eek for him, glad you caught early. Email me and let me know how much I owe you for my infinity scarf!

  4. What beautiful scarves!! Hope your little one starts feeling better soon!!

  5. Those are two incredible ladies! I look forward to getting to know you better in the future.

    I hope your little guy is feeling better soon!

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