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Embracing the Imperfect at Christmas

Since my 31 Day series is working its way into December, I would be remiss to not write about living with intention and grace during the Christmas season, as it is a time that many of us moms feel so much pressure to create the perfect Christmas for our families. Like I wrote yesterday, when we get too caught up in all of the doings of Christmas, we can find ourselves stressed out and irritable, and entirely miss out on what this time should be about for us and for our families. Last year, I … [Read more...]

Being vs. Doing

I am a doer. I have a really difficult time sitting still, and if I do finally manage to sit, my hands and my mind are still busy. I am the one who reads the story of Mary and Martha in Luke 10:38-42, and feels sorry for Martha. I want to defend Martha and say, “But Jesus, she was just trying to make everything really nice for you. It is her way of expressing her love.” But at that moment, Jesus was not looking for her love as expressed through her doing, He was asking her to simply be, … [Read more...]

What I Wore {Latte}

I have been a big fan of Lindsay of The Pleated Poppy and her What I Wore Wednesday series for several years now. She started the series long ago as a way to motivate herself to get out of her sweats and start putting together outfits that made her look and feel better in her everyday life. The series has grown to be a great encouragement and inspiration to the many women who link up and read her blog each week. One of my practices of intention is the art of self-care, and this includes how I … [Read more...]

Infinity Scarf Giveaway and More!

In addition to an amazing swag bag full of goodies and a fat little notebook scribbled with wisdom, one of my greatest takeaways from the Allume Conference was the wonderful friendships made with fellow bloggers. Through one of those friendships, a door of opportunity was opened to me to join a group of like-minded bloggers called the Ladder Bloggers, which is an amazing group of women who support and encourage one another in their various writing, business and ministry goals as they relate to … [Read more...]

Make it His

I recently finished the book Savoring Living Water: How to Have an Effective Quiet Time by Lara Williams and Katie Orr. If you struggle with having a daily quiet time, I highly recommend this book. It has really helped me. My absolute favorite part of the book is this... "I wake up wanting to hold the reigns of control and set my agenda. Before my feet hit the floor my mind takes off. I have to start the day low. I am the needy one- empty handed and thirsty for His presence. I arise from my … [Read more...]

Happy Thanksgiving!

Thank you all for your encouragement and support yesterday with the announcement of the opening of my shop. You made my day! I hope that today your day is filled with warmth and gratitude as you ponder the faithfulness of the Father. Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family! Always, Amanda photo credit SaveSave … [Read more...]

Always, Amanda {The Shop}

On Monday, I shared that I would be opening up a small online shop to sell my hand knit infinity scarves. With our commute to and from our new church, I have plenty of down time in the car. I've never been one for sitting still, so these pretty scarves keep my hands busy and are a way for me to share my love for creating beautiful things. So today I would like to welcome you to my new shop! I will be selling hand knit infinity scarves in a wool/acrylic … [Read more...]

Hello Monday!

Life was busier than usual last week, so things were a little bit quiet here on the blog. I thought I would join Lisa Leonard today with a Hello Monday post to give you a peek at a few things that have been going on around here. Hello newly staged playroom! We met with a realtor on Friday to show him our house and get an idea of the market and what price we should list our house at. He is pretty confident that he can sell it quickly and for a good price, so we are happy about that. We … [Read more...]

Thank Him For His Faithfulness

As a person who likes to have a plan for just about everything, living a life of faith and obedience isn't always easy. I too often plan out the perfect scenario in my head, and then pray that God will act accordingly. Sometimes He has answered my prayers as I prayed them, but more often than not, He has answered with a "no" or a "not right now" or a "yes, but not that way." And looking back, I am so thankful that He didn't give me what I asked for exactly the way I asked for it, because some of … [Read more...]

Be the Brand

If I had just waited 3 more days to post this, I could pretend that I am writing a 31 day series in November and that I am right on track. Except that November only has 30 days…so I guess I will just stick with the truth. I am going to complete my 31 days series on cultivating a life of intention with a measure of grace. It might extend on into 2013, but I will finish it. Before I jump into the topic of motherhood, I want to talk about one additional way that I try to be intentional in … [Read more...]

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