Fireman Birthday Party {Part 2}

After having lunch, cake, and opening presents at our house (see Part 1), we all headed to the local fire station for a tour. I don’t know if every city does this, but our local fire stations give free educational tours, complete with hats and goodies at the end. You simply just call and make a reservation.

When we arrived at the fire station, the firemen first showed us the fire trucks.

They even allowed the kids to walk through the main cab area. They loved this part!

After we looked at the trucks, one of the fireman demonstrated how they get dressed in their gear.

After he put on all of his gear, he let them touch. This is one of the main reasons that they conduct these tours, so that the kids will not be afraid of a fully dressed fireman if there is ever a need for them to be rescued.

After they touched his gear and asked questions, he demonstrated how his oxygen alarm will go off if he is still for too long. That way the other firemen will be alerted to come and find him if he needs help.

Next, they took us for a tour of the upstairs area where they sleep and eat. Then one of the firemen showed the kids how he goes down the pole.
We went back downstairs and took a group photo with the fire truck. Trying to get a group of preschoolers to all look at the camera and smile is impossible, so this is the best we got.
We did manage to get a pretty good picture of the boys and their cousins.
After the group picture, the fireman let the kids play with the fire hose. The birthday boys had the honor of helping him pull the hose out.
Then all of the kids took turns turning on the hose.

The tour was awesome and the fireman were SO nice and accommodating to our group. We had a blast!

Thank you Smyrna Fire Department, Station 1!!!!!!!

And Happy Birthday to my two little firemen!

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