Organizing My Junk

Did you ever see that episode of “Friends” where Chandler discovers Monica’s secret closet of junk? If you haven’t, here is a short clip of that scene. (Try to ignore the poor sound synchronization.)

Every super-organized control freak like Monica (and myself) has a secret junk stash somewhere of “all of the stuff that doesn’t fit into any category.” And if you are of the creative sort, your junk stash is even worse because you keep all of those things that you could potentially use on a hypothetical creative project in your future.

Unfortunately, the limited closet space in my house plus not having a garage has forced me to keep my secret stash of junk out in the open. In my guest room to be exact.

Want to come over and stay a couple of days? Do you mind sleeping next to my junk?

Not very hospitable if you ask me. Thankfully, we have slowly been working on the room and have made some nice improvements. But, the two sets of shelves full of junk still remained and kind of ruined all of the other prettiness in the room. I wasn’t quite sure what to do until I saw this pin on Pinterest.

I immediately asked Phillip to pick me up some boxes from the office store on his way home from work and got to work organizing my junk. As usual, I forgot to take a picture before I got started, but here is a pic I snapped halfway through the process.

What you see on the left is my not-so-pretty fabric stash. I envy those mamas with beautifully folded and color coordinated fabric stashes, but I can’t seem to keep mine that way.

After a little more organizing…ta da!

Goodbye junk! Well, not really goodbye. More like “see you later!” So here are the categories that I ended up with…
On the shelf to the left is all of my fabric and crafting supplies. Starting from the top going from left to right:
  • Fabric Scraps (1/2 Yard or Less)
  • Fabric (1/2 Yard or More)
  • Miscellaneous Fabric/Creative – This is stuff like fleece, terry cloth, plain burp cloths and onesies for embellishing, blank handkerchiefs for embroidery, etc.
  • Mending – Blah!
  • Vintage Sheets and Pillowcases – Yay!
  • Batting & Notions – Interfacing, Iron On, Elastic, etc.
On the shelf to the right is the true junk. Starting from the top going from left to right:
  • Gift – Or more appropriately “Re-Gift”. You know those things you or your kids get that you don’t necessarily love or want them to have, but they would make the perfect gift for someone else. 🙂
  • Thrift – All of those things that tend to pile up that need to be taken to Goodwill, now have a nice little holding place. When it gets full, we can simply put the box by the door to take.
  • Yard Sale/Craigslist – These are things I no longer want, but don’t necessarily want to donate just yet. I’ll try to sell them first.
  • Potential Decor – These are those things that I might possibly want to use to decorate with in the future. Plate display holders, candles sticks, etc.
  • Duck, Denim, Canvas, Upholstery – This box really should be on the left shelf because it is full of my heavyweight sewing fabrics.
  • Gift Basket/Goody Bags – This box contains plastic to cover gift baskets, raffia for fillers, some small baskets, etc.
I really like this new organization system! I think that it will help keep my craft stash from growing out of control because if it won’t fit in the box, then it will force me to get rid of something. Or better yet, join up with Crunchy Catholic Momma’s Stash Bash!
If you are curious as to what the rest of the guest room looks like, here is a view from the door.
The chair to the left there is for my husband’s desk. That wall holds his desk and bookcase, which I will share a picture of soon. We are still working on getting his bookcase organized (and accessorized.) 
Isn’t he great for letting me hang a chandelier in his office? Well, I did let him hang his Dave Matthews Band print above his desk. It’s black and white and sort of looks vintage, so it wasn’t that hard of a compromise. 

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  1. Love it!! What a great way to work a pin. Looks fabulous.

  2. I absolutely LOVE this idea! We have so many things that we are currently purging, but so much I don’t want to get rid of, but need a plan to store it! This is such a great idea and I even have a perfect spot for it!

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