Yesterday was Little Man’s 2nd birthday. We are planning a joint birthday party for Little Man and Buddy in a couple of weeks, because Buddy’s birthday is in March, and they both like the same things and have the same friends. So yesterday, we just kept it simple and sweet.
While Little Man napped on Wednesday, Buddy painted him some pictures and found some small toys out of the playroom to give Little Man as gifts. Then he went and got some white printer paper and wrapped the gifts for his brother. It was so sweet!
I made Little Man a wool felt birthday crown using this felt and this tutorial. After we got home from church Wednesday night, I decorated our dining area and sat his gifts and crown on the table for him to find when he woke up.
Sure thing, he found his little crown when he woke up, and his brother helped him tie on a playsilk cape.
Buddy gave him his card and helped him open his first present.
Little Man loved the wooden shapes hammering set we gave him. Then Buddy gave him one of his little presents that he had wrapped.
It was his Sheriff Badge for Little Man to wear on his birthday.
After his gifts, we had Little Man’s favorite breakfast…cinnamon rolls!
We hung out around the house for a few hours, and the boys played with the hammering set and cash register that we gave Little Man. Then we went out to lunch at a local pizza place, because Little Man loves him some “petzuh”! At lunch, we gave him another small gift to carry around with him for the day.
Then we headed to the children’s museum in Atlanta. One of our big gifts to both boys this year is purchasing  a family pass to the museum, so that we can go throughout the year. Another plus to this is that we can use our pass at children’s museums all over the country, including the awesome one in Virginia that we went to this past summer.
I’ll have to be honest…I was kind of disappointed in Atlanta’s museum. It wasn’t nearly as nice as the other two that I have been to (Virginia and Tennessee), but it was still full of awesome creative play environments.
After we left the museum, we went and got some ice cream at a cute little fudge and ice cream shop in Atlanta.
Then we went down to his Grams and Papa’s house for dinner and cake with the family.
It was a fun and full day of celebration! Can’t you tell?
Hope you have a great weekend!


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  1. You are so creative! And you have two of the most adorable boys ever!!

  2. Happy Birthday to your little guy! That crown is adorable!!! Where do you get your wool felt?

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