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Organizing My Junk

Did you ever see that episode of "Friends" where Chandler discovers Monica's secret closet of junk? If you haven't, here is a short clip of that scene. (Try to ignore the poor sound synchronization.)Every super-organized control freak like Monica (and myself) has a secret junk stash somewhere of "all of the stuff that doesn't fit into any category." And if you are of the creative sort, your junk stash is even worse because you keep all of those things that you could potentially use on a … [Read more...]

Reflect. Repent.

The pains in my empty stomach remind me throughout the day of what this day is all about. Ash Wednesday. Repentance. This is my first year observing Ash Wednesday and Lent. I decided to fast today and now I just want to go to bed so that I can get up and eat breakfast. How did Jesus do it for 40 days? Self-discipline. Something that I am not so great at. The evidence of which has once again reared it's ugly head in this most recent season of my life. Too many cookies, endless episodes … [Read more...]


Yesterday was Little Man's 2nd birthday. We are planning a joint birthday party for Little Man and Buddy in a couple of weeks, because Buddy's birthday is in March, and they both like the same things and have the same friends. So yesterday, we just kept it simple and sweet. While Little Man napped on Wednesday, Buddy painted him some pictures and found some small toys out of the playroom to give Little Man as gifts. Then he went and got some white printer paper and wrapped the gifts for his … [Read more...]


This is starting to feel like a while ago... But this seriously feels like yesterday! Where has the year gone and where is my baby?     He's the big TWO today. (But he'll always be my baby as far as I'm concerned.)     This little guy brings so much energy, silliness, zeal, sweetness, and joy to our family. Just as I thought I had this mothering thing down, he came along and challenged me in new ways. But I think after two years, I almost … [Read more...]

DIY Magnetic Felt Fishing Set

I love to make things for the boys that encourage creative play. I have been planning to make them a magnetic felt fishing set for a while now. I purchased the supplies well before Christmas, but was never able to get around to it. After my husband made them the cardboard pirate ship, I knew the fishing set would be the perfect accessory, so I decided to make it as their Valentine's Day gift from me.I used a wool blend felt that I purchased from this very sweet etsy seller. Acrylic craft felt … [Read more...]

A Love Story {Epilogue}

If you need to catch up, click here for a listing of previous chapters. Phillip and I have had fun reminiscing and talking about the things we were thinking and feeling at different times in our relationship. Our love story is something that I hold near and dear to my heart. It is also an important layer in the foundation of my faith because I see God's hand so clearly at work throughout my life, both in preparing me for and leading me to marry Phillip. We have often wondered why we … [Read more...]

A Love Story {Chapter 7}

If you need to catch up, click here for a listing of previous chapters. It's a cold winter morning in February of 2012. Pitter-patter...the sound of little feet running down the hall, golden curls bouncing with every step. With his big brown eyes and rosy cheeks, he looks just like his Daddy. Following close behind is his big brother. Decked out in his Superhero attire, he looks up at his mama, his blue eyes reflecting hers. At the breakfast table, his tired eyes meet hers and they share a … [Read more...]

A Love Story {Chapter 6}

If you need to catch up, click here for a listing of previous chapters. The stained glass cross glowed in the darkened sanctuary as the sunlight streamed through, casting glorious hues of color on the altar. Candles twinkled and doves cooed as he stood there, waiting for his bride. He looked around the beautiful old church that his grandfather had built. The walls of this sanctuary had witnessed so many of his family and friends pledge their love and their lives, and now it was his turn. He … [Read more...]

A Love Story {Chapter 5}

If you need to catch up, click here for a listing of previous chapters. It was a hot evening in August of '02.  In the sixth grade classroom up the stairs and to the left, a once red-cheeked boy nervously knelt in front of an excited, and still a bit frizzy-haired girl. With a trembling hand, he held out the most beautiful ring she had ever seen. He tells the story best... We walked up the stairs of the school building that was so familiar and it seemed as if nothing had changed in … [Read more...]

A Love Story {Chapter 4}

If you need to catch up, click here for a listing of previous chapters. In was a cool day in October of '01. After attending a community college for two years, she was settling comfortably into her new routine and making friends at the Christian university. She woke up and headed to chapel in the large auditorium, sitting in the balcony on the right side. Unbeknownst to her, he was sitting directly across from her in the balcony on the left. As chapel was letting out, he caught a glimpse … [Read more...]

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