DIY Headboard & Bedskirt

Have I ever told you what a great husband I have? Not only does he help with the kids and the house, love to shop at thrift stores, and watch Grey’s Anatomy with me…he is also a very thoughtful gift giver.

Prior to Christmas, I told him that I really wanted to redecorate our Master Bedroom after the holidays. I say redecorate, but it has never really been decorated in the first place. Our Master Bedroom has always been the neglected space. Since we have been married, we have never purchased bedroom furniture and our  bedding was whatever I could find on clearance. We do not have a lot of extra money, so any decorating I do usually comes from selling something on Craigslist or a $20 DIY project. And the main areas of the house usually take priority when we do find the time and money.

I had been pinning a lot of beautiful bedrooms on Pinterest, and was searching Craigslist every week for cheap king headboards. I was always showing Phillip things that I liked, and unbeknownst to me, he was taking notes.

So one day prior to Christmas, Phillip took the boys down to his parents house for the day so he could work on something, and I could have time to do Christmas shopping. Because he can’t keep a secret very well, I knew that he was working on something for one of my Christmas gifts. I thought he was doing some work for his dad to earn a little extra money to buy me an extra present, but that was not the case. They were gone all day and when he and the boys met me for dinner that night, Buddy let the secret slip.

It’s kind of a funny story. At that time, Buddy carried his Jessie doll (from Toy Story) everywhere he went. Not Woody, not Buzz, but Jessie. At dinner, he promised Phillip that he was not going to tell me what they did while they were at Grams and Papa’s. He was going to keep it a secret. Then he turned to me and asked if we could go back down to Gram’s and Papa’s to build Jessie a nice headboard.

So technically, he didn’t tell me what they made me, but I kind of figured it out.

Turns out, Phillip remembered on of the headboards that I had shown him on Craigslist. There was a small local company that was making them from reclaimed wood, but they were backed up with orders until February. So he searched the internet, and was able to find the exact same plans they were using. And he BUILT me a gorgeous headboard for Christmas!!!

But that’s not all. He also remembered one of the pins I showed him from Pinterest of this bedding I loved. He found the picture and located the exact same bedding and surprised me with the duvet cover for Christmas as well!

So my Master Bedroom isn’t finished yet, but it is well on it’s way!

The duvet cover is the Waterfall Ruffle Duvet Cover in Grey from Urban Outfitters.

I like more of an eclectic feel when I decorate, so I didn’t want to buy the shams and dust ruffle that matched. Instead, I purchased some vintage fabric from etsy to make the floral pillowcases. When I received the fabric, I actually liked the reverse side of the fabric more than the “right” side, so I sewed them “wrong” side out.

How about that headboard? He did an amazing job!

I was able to buy inexpensive white sheets and curtains. I also wanted a shabby chic white bedskirt, but did not have $60 to spend. So on Saturday, I made this bedskirt out of an old white sheet we had using my previous bedskirt.

For those of you that want to know how I made it…

I knew I wanted a 15″ drop and after calculating how much fabric I would need to go around my bed for a gathered bedskirt, I knew that I could get 5 strips of 15″ wide (plus seam allowance) out of a queen flat sheet. So I cut the sheet into five long strips, and then hemmed the three from the middle. (The outer two already had a hem from the sides of the sheet.)

After all of my strips were hemmed and ironed, I sewed them all together. Then I took a piece of chalk and marked a line about every 36″. I sewed a basting stitch down the entire length of the raw edge, stopping and starting again at every chalk marker. I then took the giant strip of fabric to the bedroom where my husband had removed the mattress. I left the old bedskirt on the box spring and began pinning my strip on top of the existing skirt. Because I was doing a gathered bedskirt, my fabric was about twice as long as I would need if I had been just going around for a straight skirt. It was a LONG strip! I had already marked my center point and quarter points, so I first pinned them to the existing skirt. Then I began working in the 36″ sections, pulling the bobbin thread to gather the fabric. Then I pinned, pinned, pinned as I worked my way around. When it was all pinned (I think I used every pin in my pin cushion!), I dragged it to the sewing machine, praying that it wouldn’t come undone. I sewed over top of the gathers onto the old seam of the bedskirt, taking each pin out as I went along. When I was all done, I flipped the new bedskirt down on top of the old fabric.
I’m sorry that I didn’t take more pictures, but I would have never finished if I had stopped to photograph every step. I hope these two pictures help.
I won’t lie…it was A LOT of work! But it was free and that is exactly how much money I had to spend on a bedskirt. I am VERY happy with the results!
So anyway, that headboard and duvet cover were the best gifts my husband could have given me. I love my room so much. It makes my heart happy!

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  1. Babs Dunn says:

    All I can say is…..WOW!!!

  2. it is so beautiful!! the headboard especially!! what a sweet hubby!!

  3. Thank you!!!

  4. The grey duvet cover.. i love it, but im looking for a tanish/beige one and this almost looks like the color.. how is the color in person?

    • Brooke, The grey duvet color does have a tanish/beige look, almost like stone, if that makes sense. I think the color in my photos is more accurate than the color that they show on the Urban Outfitters website.

  5. What a beautiful room! Where did you find that chair?

    • Amanda Medlin says:

      Funny story…we were helping some friends move into a new/old house and it had been left in the basement/crawl space by the previous owners. Our friends had no interest, so we asked if we could have it!

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