DIY Pallet Coat Rack

I have always loved mud rooms and cool entryways. Unfortunately, my house does not have either. I do have a small square hallway-ish area off of the playroom and kitchen that leads to several bedrooms. I was inspired by several pictures I saw on Pinterest that had various frames and artwork creating a gallery-style wall display.

I began looking for picture frames at my local thrift stores (and forgotten ones in my closets), and shopping around for cool coat hangers. I found out very quickly that cool coat hangers came with a higher price tag than I wanted to pay. So I began searching for cool DIY coat rack ideas and found some made with pallets.

We started our hallway project right after Halloween, so a local church had left over pallets from their Pumpkin Patch fundraiser that they were giving away for FREE, which is my favorite price! I first spray painted the entire pallet white. But not solid white. I let some of the wood show through in places to keep a weathered, vintage feel. Then I used those little $2 paint samples that you can buy at Home Depot to paint each board. I already had some of the hardware, that I had purchased on sale at Anthropologie a few years back. Some of the others I picked up on clearance at Hobby Lobby.


I love how it turned out! Have you been doing any Pinterest-inspired decorating lately?




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  1. I love pinterest inspired projects. We have several pinterest inspired walls in our house too. Your hallway looks great! Nice job!

  2. I love your coat hanger! What a great idea. I kind of forget to decorate hallways. Yours looks fabulous.

  3. That looks amazing. I love this idea. The colors you chose are so pretty.

  4. What a great job you did! I love your hallway.

  5. That is fabulous. I love everything about it.

  6. Oh my gosh. That looks, dare I say, better than the inspiration. The clipboard? Ingenious. Well done!

  7. Love the pallet coat rack!

  8. Thank you everyone!

  9. I must agree with Jeannine – yours looks better than the inspiration! Great job!

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