I’m Back

Wow! When I mentioned I might be taking a small break back in September, I had no idea that it would turn into two months. We had such a crazy summer that went straight into a very busy September with my sister-in-law’s wedding and my ladies retreat back to back. I didn’t realize how much I needed to get my life and routines back in order until I actually did.

As a mama of two little ones,I only get small snippets of time each day to work on things that require mental energy. So where before I might have been blogging or on Facebook, I used that time to work on some projects such as giving our regular menu a real food makeover. (I’ll share more about that later.) I also switched computers again, and because I can’t function without things being super-organized, I worked on getting all of my documents and pictures sorted and organized.

But now, I am ready and excited to be back. This space is such a great outlet for me. You may have noticed that I have redesigned the blog again. Since I was coming back from a long break, I thought it would be fun to do so with a fresh new look. I hope you like it! Special thanks to my husband Phillip and his sweet Photoshop skills.

So what else have I been up to?

I am still running and working out regularly. In fact, I will be running my first 5K on Thanksgiving Day. I am really excited! I still haven’t weighed myself (because I tend to obsess about numbers), but I have went down about 2 jeans sizes. The important thing is that I feel great!

I have started using fitted diapers and wool covers again for Little Man. I have made him a couple pairs of wool pants from thrifted wool sweaters. He loves them! I started knitting him a pair of longies using this pattern and this yarn, but I think they are going to be too small. Bummer! I need to hurry up and finish them so that I can cast on some fingerless gloves for myself.

I have been reading Charlotte Mason’s Towards a Philosophy of Education in Modern English on my iPhone Kindle app. I agree with Charlotte Mason on many points. Although I don’t think I will adhere to a strictly CM style of homeschooling, the CM Philosophy will definitely be a strong influence in my methods.

I’ve been working on redoing the boys room for a while now. The last big project is a patchwork duvet cover that I am making for their bed. I am one of those people that like instant gratification when it comes to crafting, so I am finding it hard to stay motivated to work on this. I just need to make myself do it!
The boys are doing wonderful! Buddy is such a cool kid. He is the most creative 3 year old I have ever seen. He is always building things and coming up with interesting ideas. Little Man is TALKING now! He can repeat pretty much everything we say, and speaks in two to three word sentences very well. My favorites are when he says both “Tanks (thanks), Welcome.” He has also started saying “Wuvoo” (Love you). It melts my heart every time!
Tomorrow I am going to be working on a Gratitude Project with the boys to take over to Phillip’s parents on Thursday. We started this tradition last year and it really helped to keep us focused on being thankful. Do you have any Thanksgiving traditions in your family?



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  1. Just found your blog via the Yarn Along and I hope to spend some time here. Your boys are so cute and ilove it when they start talking like that. The longies are very nice, hope they fit him for at least a little while. Thanks for sharing. Tricia @ CrunchyCatholicMomma.blogspot

  2. Welcome back! I was just on here yesterday wondering if you’d made a re-appearance yet! Glad to have you!

  3. @Faith – Glad to be back! 🙂

    @Crunchy Momma – Thanks for stopping by!

  4. Ooh just found you from yarn along too, what a lovely intro posy. Shall be having a peek further if thats ok? Cute boys, my girlie says “wuvoo” too 🙂

  5. Just found you via the Yarn Along as well.

    How did the Thanksgiving Day 5K go?

    What’s your favorite fitted diaper? We’ve used cloth with all five kids and plan to with baby #6 due in June.

    Looking forward to seeing the duvet.

    I’m thinking I’m going to follow you! We have so much in common.

  6. @Becks and @Orange Blossom

    Thank you both for visiting from Yarn Along. To answer your questions:

    The 5K went great. I blogged about it here.

    My favorite fitted is MEOS, but I just found a great deal on GM’s, so I am excited to try those out.

    Congrats on Baby #6!

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