VA Children’s Museum

While we were in Virginia this summer, we took the boys to the Virginia Children’s Museum. 
Little Man’s favorite area was the pet shop. And his favorite thing to do was crawl in and out of the dog house. He probably did this for 15 minutes or so.
He also really enjoyed looking at the trains.
Buddy loved driving the fire truck!
I think Buddy’s favorite area was the theatre. They had lots of costumes for dress up. The kids could control the lights, sound, and backdrop. It was really cool!
They both also loved the grocery store, but it was so crazy in there I forgot to take pictures. We could barely keep up with Little Man. He’s really fast! 
We all loved the Children’s Museum! It was the perfect play/sensory/discovery-based learning experience. I think it would make an amazing preschool. Instead of teaching in classrooms, the teachers would take their little groups from area to area and let the children just play and discover. In my little daydream, it would also be free. 🙂
I definitely want to check out the Children’s Museum here in Atlanta when we get a chance.

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  1. I’ve never gone, but I have heard that the Imagine place is amazing in Atlanta for kids. Also, Fernbank has a hands on area, but maybe when they are a little more older. 🙂

  2. @life’s treasures

    I’ve never heard of Imagine Place. I’ll have to check it out. I do remember going to Fernbank when I was a kid. Great suggestions!

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